Good morning…a few words of encouragement…unedited…

Good morning.

My dad always brought home a newspaper, and why I’m thinking of this at two a.m. is beyond me. The Hattiesburg American was a staple in our house. Dad would either stop and pick one up or have my brother or I go get him one.

The Sunday edition was massive, and it cost a whopping .50 cents back in the day. It held the funnies, comics, whatever you want to call it, and The Parade.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on both of those pieces of the paper, and the sports section, when dad got done with it of course. There was a strip, I don’t know if it still comes in the paper nowadays, called B.C.

Ever so often, it would feature a guy standing on a wall shouting, “It’s two a.m. and all is well!” and some sarcastic remark would get made. That’s how I feel this morning.

It’s two and all is well. It’s quiet, but all is well…you get the point, I’m sure.

Life is a strange creature, so is the weather. Dad had no idea that he and mom fostered my love of reading by bringing home the paper, and I had no idea that my love of reading was motivated by the funnies.

It goes to show you it’s the little things in life makes the biggest differences. I also learned that someone must stand on the wall and keep a look out for the enemy. Because things arise that will hinder us from the pursuit of our goals.

Take writing for an example. If daydreaming made the word count go up, we’d all be novelists. Successful ones at that. I know I would be. Sheesh, I got out of bed not half an hour ago, and my thoughts immediately went to A Walk in Darkness.

That’s how it goes though. Easy reading isn’t easy until the umpteenth rewrite, or the unending editing is complete. So, keep at it. You’ve got what it takes to finish, and when you do it’s gonna be masterful.


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