Early morning randomness…unedited….

Here it is almost 0330, and I have headphones in listening to jazz, tapping away at my keyboard. Trying so hard to avoid looking at the news, and all the other insanity that life will bring my way in a few short hours.

Soon, the rat race will begin anew. Not that it ever stops, or even slows down, it just seems to dissipate into the quiet early morning hours when everyone retires for a bit.

The jazz, soft saxophone jazz, creates an illusion that there is nothing more pressing than the silky notes flowing from the earbuds. I can dig it. After all, who doesn’t want to float down this river of soft melody?

When I went down to visit family last year I went to a fest. This morning I came across a picture from that time. Every year Hattiesburg has a fest called Hub Fest. One of the booths was aptly named, ‘The Starving Artist Bakery.’

I wonder how they’re doing. Are they still starving? Have they found success in their creative undertaking? Is the bakery thriving? Was their delicious baked goodies their creative undertaking?

I have so many questions now.

Guess I have no choice but to conduct a Google search and find out. What else am I gonna do at 0330? Conduct a symphony?

By God, Starving Artist Bakery is thriving. Hallelujah! They create custom deliciousness in the shape of your favorite desserts. I’m glad they’re doing good. It’s always nice to see people succeed.

This jazz is driving me nuts. It’s too clean. Too smooth. I suspect it’s hiding something. Anyway, if you’re in Hattiesburg at any point and have time, run by Starving Artist Bakery, and grab you a cookie.

Life’s too short not to eat the good stuff. Take care of yourselves out there. I’m off to make coffee.


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