Walt…new writing, unedited…

The nice thing about all the modern technology is that few look up from their favorite devices. None noticed me. I slipped through the crowd and made my way to the park. When I first moved to this town I had no intention of moving again.

A friend from my days in the military, Abe, introduced me to Thin Man. It was a rainy day when Abe made the introduction.

“Thin Man, this is my friend Walt. We did time together in the sand. Walt, this is Thin Man. He’s a geo-political mover and shaker, and he can use your tinkering skills.”

I nodded at Thin Man. He gave me a tight grin and nodded back.

“Abe told me much about you, Walt. He claimed there are none equal to you.”

“I wouldn’t know about that.”

I got another tight grin from Thin Man, and Abe chuckled. He motioned for Thin Man and I to follow him.

“Walt, I set you up on the outskirts of town. You’ve got a cabin, two shops, and an unfinished shop that has your boat, four-wheeler, and tools. I had your fridge stocked.”

“Thanks, Abe.”

Thin Man contacted me one month later. The first job he contacted me with was to build four bounding mines.

“I want them built to World War specifications,” Thin Man said.

So, that’s what I did. TNT was the explosive used, black powder was the propellant, and the fuse allowed for a four second delay. Thin Man picked them up, and a few days later, rebels used them to kill the family of some tyrant in the Middle East.

A couple of months passed, and Thin Man asked for another device. I built it, and it got used to overthrow another government. Soon, Thin Man brought even more work for me to complete, but none of the devices ever got used.

It was common practice for me to burn the blueprints once the device got built. Each job brought a higher payday. One day, Thin Man received a phone call while he picked up the device I’d built.

He gave me a tight smile and turned his back to me. I walked to the end of the counter and busied myself. I didn’t eavesdrop on people. My parents taught me better than that, but Thin Man wasn’t much of a whisperer.

“Only a few components remain, then the ‘Alpha’ unit will construct the device. You know what happens…”

Thin Man hung up and gave me another tight smile. He waved the component at me and said over his shoulder, “you’re everything Abe said you’d be.”

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