Signs, Old Age, and Thankfulness…unedited…

I am getting old. 

There’s no getting around it. Signs of old age are everywhere in my house. My medicine cabinet is like the never-ending cruse of oil, as told by the Bible. As time moves on, more and more new medications arrive via the mail carrier. 

Then there is the left knee that is locking up on me at night. I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with the miles of running I did in the service, but that leads to another question: If my left knee has arthritis in it from running, why isn’t the right knee afflicted with the same crap?

My left ankle, the one I broke during the Christmas season of 2020, now serves as the weather forecaster. I have no need of The Weather Channel. 

For all the aches and pains, I’m beyond blessed to be here.  I can honestly say that, because once upon a time, I hated the idea of waking up to a ‘new day.’

One of my favorite movies, Lucky Number Slevin, has one of my favorite lines of any movie ever. 

“There was a time…”

So much is hinted at in that line of dialogue, and nothing comes closer to defining the human experience. 

There was a time when I was happy. Or sad. Or rich.

There was a time when I was married. Divorced. Or in love.

There was a time.

Time moves on, and I’ve come to figure that life is about seasons. No, I’m not talking about the four that makes up our weather. Instead, there’s a season to grow, to learn, to apply said learning, and a time to relax, let go, and let things be. 

There is a time for every season. If we had it our way all the time, we’d never appreciate the times when things go our way. So, I’m thankful for the good times, and more so for the bad. Because tough times mold us into the people we should’ve been all along. 

Take care.

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  1. I’ve often heard it said…”trying times are for trying!” No doubt as we age…our aches and pains multiply, but we become more compassionate and tougher in life’s atrocities! Hang in there youre doing great!

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