An update of AWID…unedited…

I figure an update on A Walk in Darkness is due. After printing off a copy and passing it around, some of the feedback is that the story needs the nasty, warfighting scenes to show the power of my redemption.

Sigh. So, I am writing the war scenes now. This new start just hit fifty pages. I am almost ten thousand words into it. My heart hurts, but I was wrong to think that the war scenes were not important to the story.

To give you all an understanding where the story is, I am writing of Fallujah. This isn’t easy, but it is vital to the story. I don’t know if the government will ever tell the truth about it, so I am going to fictionalize some of it. If for no other reason than to protect those who were there with me.

Some things should never see the light of day. Fallujah is one of those things.

But there you have it. I am working on it, again. I am trying to give everyone what they want, and at the same time, trying to protect those that live with the experience, while honoring those who…

That’s it. I’m gonna watch Looney Tunes and hope for the strength to keep writing this story. You guys have a great weekend.

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