The truth about Holes, and a few minor ramblings…

One of the things I set out to do was to enter some writings into various competitions this year. “Put your work out for others to read,” a tiny voice whispered in my mind.

It kind of reminded me of the cartoons you see, like Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes, where a character has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Because on the other hand, I feared that my work would not stand up to being scrutinized.

Well, I have sent Holes to a friend for editing, and I will make the corrections she suggests. I hope to enter it into a veteran competition.

I’ve never explained what the story meant to me. For years, I’ve struggled with my memories. There’s no way for me to explain what I’ve felt throughout these long years.

So, I wrote Holes. I put myself in a physical hole, to represent the mental prison I spent so much time in. It’s been a lot of hard work, but I’ve made great strides toward a normal life.

Well, normal might be pushing it.

Still, I’m blessed to have my life, and to have written this story. I hope that it manages to help someone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Because Lord knows, the darkness can overwhelm even the strongest amongst us. We’re stronger when we stand together.

As a final note, it looks like we’re about to enter another war. There are no winners in this crap. Let’s hope this doesn’t escalate into another World War, and that cooler heads prevail.

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  1. Looking to Jesus…He has the solution and the answers to all of life’s concerns.

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