Writing when nothing works, and the importance of humor…

I struggled to write yesterday. My brain was all over the place, it refused to stay focused on one thing for more than a millisecond, and then it was off to the next thing.

After all my struggling, a piece of writing finally came together: Dryer Musings and Idiotic Ramblings…A Dehydrated Spiel of Nonsense.

Lord knows that’s all it was…nonsense.

Still, it was an accomplishment to get it written. Sometimes you have to follow the muse, regardless of where she leads. Thankfully, some of the nice folks who gave me a ‘like’ on it understood this point.

And sometimes it’s important to stretch the humor muscle. Lord knows there’s enough crap happening in the world to tighten the loosest sphincter.

There are wars taking place, rumors of wars starting, idiots oversee things more complicated than flushing a toilet, and there’s enough rage to send the entire world to anger management classes.

I’d say humor is a pre-requisite to enduring all the drama that comes our way daily. Jokes are a good way to keep an even keel. Speaking of jokes and humor have you heard this one?

Why did Shakespeare write in pen? Because he didn’t know which pencil to use, 2B or not 2B. Heh. I found that one on Pinterest. Seriously though, life is complicated enough with humor, why go through life without the benefit of it?

Besides laughter is the best medicine. The Bible likens humor to a healing balm, and Lord knows there’s enough ‘dark’ stories being written to fill three universes. So, drink some coffee (or whatever you prefer) and give the world a big ole smile. We’re only passing this way once; we might as well make the most of it.

Be blessed and have a wonderful weekend,


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