A rainy day musing..unedited.

Life is a funny thing. 

I woke this morning to thunder and the flash of lightning. For a moment, I thought I was trapped in the novel by Dean Koontz. “Where’s the time-traveler,” I wondered as I got dressed in jeans and my Red Wing Irish Setters. 

Alas, no time traveler walked down my driveway. The rain continued to beat against the tin roof of my cabin, and I went in and put my shotgun away. 

Then, I sat down to write. Nothing came to me, my muse seemed spent, the good idea fairy refused to visit, and I stared at the empty screen in disgust. 

It felt like a meme I saw on Facebook once. A kid with a stick poked a certain thing and said, “come on do that thing you do.” Well, here I am trying to do the thing I do. 

Doors are shut, the television is off, coffee in hand, and I’m fresh out of ideas. To kick off the brain, I went out on my porch and did 30 reps of hammer curls with my 30-lb dumbbells. Still, I’ve got nothing. 

My old writings stirred nothing within me. I wrote a couple of things for my friends on Facebook, but nothing worth sharing here on my blog. 

Which is funny, since my blog holds my writings. 

Once, a while ago, I was on Twitter. If you know anything about Twitter, people post polls and other things on the site. One such poll asked a question: Would you buy the work of someone you disagreed with politically?

I thought it a rather asinine question to ask. Why wouldn’t I? I don’t start conversations with people by asking them who they voted for. It’s none of my business. If you write something I find interesting, chances are your book is going home with me. 

But the poll made me realize how divided everything is nowadays. I want all people who read my stories to enjoy what I’ve written. I’m not the kind of person who goes out of his way to make a point about social issues, that’s not to say I’m uninterested in social issues, I’d just rather not fight over them. 

My idea of a perfect world would be all of us sitting in a fancy room with expensive drapes, nice furniture, an all-you-can-eat buffet with a chocolate fountain, good coffee and an expansive library. When you finished a great book, you would pass it on to someone else. 

The talk of politics, religion, and social issues would be banned. We’d focus instead on being the best person we could be. Alas, there’s no perfect world, nor an all-you-can-eat buffet in an expansive library (although that is a great idea…)

Look there, did you see it? It was a flash of inspiration, a slight figment of a story idea, a…ah, it’s gone. 

Anyway, you guys take it easy. I’ll work on the Rainy Ripper a little later. Be safe out there.

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