A short writing of reflection….unedited.

It’s almost midnight, I think.

The moon sits high in the sky above my house, it’s beams of shared light dances through the inky darkness, giving it a spiritual, if not ethereal glow.

As a lover of beautiful nature, I’ve enjoyed the view. The night is quiet, so is my mind. I sit in my recliner, my old dinosaur HP laptop with its monstrous 15-inch screen takes up the bulk of my lap.

I tap at the keys and ponder the mysteries the night holds. ‘This must be the life of Robert Frost, or Bernard Shaw. A life of quietness. Given to the comforting sound of silence.’


Night in the country is a different type of quiet. There’s no rushing to-and-fro, no rat race, no stress. It’s just the chirp of crickets, the occasional hoot of an owl, and me in my recliner.

And an occasional tap at the keys, a quiet whisper of my mind given to silence. There’s a comfort in listening to the quiet, above the ringing of my tinnitus I can hear the echoes of my soul.

I want to make it to Heaven, to be reunited with those who have gone on before me. I miss them. Family, friends, and brothers I’ve lost in war. I want to see them again.

It’s almost midnight, I think.

In a world full of distractions, I look for silence. A quiet mind on a planet of rushed humanity. In the silence there is peace, but true peace can only come from one place.

His name is Jesus, the Prince of Peace, the Righteous Judge, my friend, and Father.

It’s almost midnight.

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