Haunted by a feeling…unedited…

I’ve done quite a bit of writing today, unfortunately, it can’t be shared with those who follow Freeman’s Front Porch Musings, or even Facebook. 

My past has haunted me since the invasion of Ukraine. Familiar feelings rush through my mind without pause. This morning, for example, the Ukrainian representative that broke down when speaking of the children, ripped open several wounds.

All it took was one fateful night, and my perspective on war changed forever. 

Children are fighting alongside the adults to protect their land. Regardless of who wins, their lives are forever altered and not for the betterment of the children. 

I wish I could write something that’s not tainted with what is going on in the world. I really wish I could. 

Incompetence abounds and the poor and innocent pay for it. There’s no finer example for ineptness than the supposed leader of the free world. 

Look no further than last night’s State of the Union address. The media ate it up. They circled the wagon and protected the frail ego of the ‘Dunce-in-Chief.’

As always, trust nothing you see on the television or hear across the airwaves. The truth is out there, but the media will never tell it. Rather, they would tell you who or what to hate next, and as long as we swallow the bait, they’ll never stop.

I’ll try to write some fiction tomorrow. Take care.


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