Sunflowers and Empty Promises…a few thoughts…unedited…

I’m staring down my driveway, the long shadows of afternoon lie up by the gate. It’s a long dirt road that leads to my home, and it’s uphill both ways. How I wish I could enjoy a nice cup of coffee and admire the view of the work I’ve done around my house.

I can’t, not now.

It seems to me wishing is part of growing older. For instance, I wish I were still a soldier. “Send me to Ukraine,” my mind shouts. The mind is willing, but the body is unable to comply.

The shadows creep closer to my house. I wonder if the Ukrainians are looking across the sunflower fields wondering if they’re going to get any support before it’s too late to act.

I wonder how many mothers will never see their sons or husbands again. How many stands in the door stoop watching their men leave to fight against overwhelming odds, hoping to stymie the tide of a massive army.

While our President vacations in Delaware, God only knows how many people are losing their lives because of our inaction. How many tears are saturating the ground where handfuls of sunflower seeds fell.

All while we do nothing.

Don’t misunderstand what I am writing. The United States does not need another war. Still, innocent human lives are breathing their last breath while the rest of the world watches.

Our word means nothing. Less than nothing.

Our media wrings their hands and shakes their heads, but takes no action to force Russia to stop the onslaught that continues day and night. They profile Putin and call him evil, and in the same breath, they put his face on the big screen and give him airtime for his message.

It’s sickening.

I don’t agree with Putin, nor his reasons for invading Ukraine, but I understand his tactics. Only a fool thinks Putin is stupid. He knows by targeting civilians he forces the Ukrainian government to either surrender or face their countrymen turning on them.

He knows Russia will be the laughingstock of the world if he fails after invading. He also knows that Biden, NATO, and the UN will do nothing to stop him. As a matter of fact, he is counting on it.

All the virtue signaling from Hollywood, Facebook and Twitter won’t stop him. Profiling Putin and calling him evil does nothing. Well, it serves as an advertisement for those who are bloodthirsty to join his cause, but nothing good comes from it.

I’m sure when there is a break in the action, the Ukrainian government kicks themselves for giving up their nukes. I’d imagine that regret is up there with trusting the United States and the empty promise of protection.

Obama let Putin invade Crimea in 2014; Biden willfully lets them invade Ukraine in 2022. Yes, I said willfully. Sanctions doesn’t stop the bombings, the killing of innocent women and children, nor does it have any long-term affect.

It’s a pointless gesture, like hand wringing and empty promises.

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