Goldilocks and TTB…new writing, unedited..incomplete…

“He punched out a preacher?”

“Yep, and a school madam.”

“What’s a school madam?”

“Um, kind of like a modern school administrator.”

“Why did he punch her out?”

“She told him to be quiet and pay attention. He got up, walked to the front of the class, and popped her in the jaw. That school lady hit the floor like a sack of taters. All the kids went home and told their parents how Abel Grimley planted the teacher flat of her back with her toes up.”

“Oh no. Goldilocks…”

Pop-Pop reached out and touched Annabelle’s hand. She lifted her eyes and met her grandfather’s gaze. 

“It’s okay, Princess. It ain’t what you think. See, Abel Grimley thought Goldilocks was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.”

“Oh, that’s just gross,” Annabelle said wrinkling up her nose. “Goldilocks wouldn’t have nothing to do with that mean boy.”

“Remember now, General Washington wanted her to gather information on the Grimley Brothers. What better way than to be around them all the time?”

“I guess…”

Abel Grimley watched as Goldilocks guided the horse down the street toward town. He licked his lips and watched her every move.

“Where you going girl?”

“To visit family, sir.”

He reached up and took the hoses bridle in hand. Abel grinned at her, and Goldilocks felt a cold shiver run down her spine.

“If you ask nicely, I’d be your family.”

Goldilocks forced a sweet smile on her face and turned away. Her hand swept across the dagger she had hidden in the pocket of her skirt. She thought better of it and gave him a small wave. 

“That’s mighty kind of you mister, but I must get on my way.”

“What’s your name, honey? Who’s your family?”

“I’m Goldilocks, and my family is Aram and Hilda Wooten.”

“They own the General Store here, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You tell Aram that Abel Grimley will be by, and he better have what I ordered in, or there’s gonna be trouble.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll tell him.”

“And if you’re lucky girlie, I’ll come by and steal you away too.”

After Goldilocks gave Abel Grimley another forced smile, he let go of the bridle and she went on her way.

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