The Mirror Man…unedited…

A mirror is the most deceitful piece of equipment a person could own, Dewey Walters thought as he ran hot water in his bathroom sink. It’ll convince you that your self-worth is only what you see on the outside.

Steam fogged the mirror. Dewey wiped the condensation away with a rag and tossed it in the sink. Like I need less self confidence. The rag soaked up the hot water. Dewey twisted it until the excess water fell into the sink and wiped his face. The hot water eased the tension that built up in his neck.

Tension was nothing new. Dewey had served as a soldier until his sudden retirement. Cursed with epilepsy, the military quietly separated him with a permanent retirement and a honorable discharge.

A lifelong native of Mississippi, he moved home to North Mississippi. For a few years he had moped and hidden in the woods. The roads leading to his house eroded until they resembled the bombed out roads of the last conflict he fought in.

In 2008, he ran for, and won, his district’s supervisor position. His first order of business as the newly elected supervisor was to fix the roads. For two years he worked to correct the mistakes of his predecessor. His efforts although valiant were wasted upon the bulk of his constituents.

He lost his bid for re-election. Back to the woods, a return to hiding from the bully called life. He accepted his defeat graciously and stepped aside. In less than a year, his road was again one large pothole.

Some days, Dewey had great days. Today would be a nice day, he sighed as he dragged the rag down his throat. He tossed the rag in the sink and looked in the mirror.

Maybe not…

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