Snatched…the story continues…unedited…

Tate looked at Ricki and waited for the reasons for the sanctioned murder of his nephew. Ricki didn’t provide any. He frowned at Ricki, but she refused to provide any more information than what she had already given him.

“So, what kind of trouble did he bring to you? Why him? Why now?”

“Our organisation doesn’t need trouble, Tate. You can appreciate how hard we worked to remain out of the limelight. Your nephew hasn’t brought you up to speed, has he?”

“Apparently not.”

“You remember the rules, right?”

“Yeah. No drugs, guns, or women.”

“Right. We do not deal drugs, run guns, or pimp out women. Your nephew sold drugs to an undercover cop.”

“Oh, crap.”

“Yeah. That cop had a name. As a matter of fact, people have burned down parts of our town because of him.”

“Bradley Freeman….”

“Yeah. Then, your nephew decided to ‘handle’ the situation. He got two dirty cops to kill him. One of them brought along a girlfriend.”

Tate said nothing and shook his head. How stupid could one kid be?

“Oh Tate, it gets better. One of the cops got pinched. He’s in jail, right now. From what I’ve heard from sources inside, he’s talking his fool head off.”

“Where’s the other one?”

“He’s in the wind with the girlfriend. Here’s the kicker to top it all off. Guess who has a march planned for right outside our compound?”

“The good Reverend Alf.”

“Yep. He’s in jail. Some deal about a bowl of coke and enough underaged girls to open a brothel. His underlings have took over and they will march without him.”

“What do you want me to do, Ricki?”

Ricki smiled and wagged her finger at Tate. He knew what she wanted, but he needed to hear her say it.

“I want you to find that dirty cop and his girlfriend. You know what to do from there, right?”


“Or….you could handle your nephew. Your choice.”

“I’ll handle the cop and his woman.”

“Right. I forgot. You’ve got a rule about family. This may come as a surprise to you, Tate, but I take no pleasure in any of this. My dad always said your family never made him question your loyalty. I hope we can retain that type of relationship after this business is done.”

“We’ll get it done, Ricki. As far as my nephew goes, he knew the rules. He knowingly broke them, now the consequences are due.”

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