Snatched…today’s writing, unedited, incomplete…

Tate Givens drove to 221 Walley Lane. A brick fence surrounded a small, exclusive community. A small building sat outside the main gate. Three men, a supervisor and two guards, manned the gate at all times. All three had served in the military, and all had dishonorable discharges.

Tate pulled up at the gate. The two guards walked out. One checked Tate’s i.d, the other stood with a clean lane to fire on the vehicle should Tater fail the check.

“Reason for being here?”

“I’ve got a meeting with Ricki. I’m cleared.”

“Wait here.”

The guard called the house. Tate could see the guard speak on the phone. He nodded and hung up. He walked out and handed Tate his ID.

“You’re cleared. An escort is waiting for you at the main house.”

“You know me, Ed. Why all the security?”

“There’s been an unexpected development. The boss man said to expect trouble.”

“Trouble? What kind of trouble?”

“Rick will tell you. Get on inside.”

The supervisor pressed a button, and the gate opened. Tate drove through and followed the winding road to the main house. A large, two-story mansion sat at the base of a hill.

Tate pulled close to the main house and got out. An armed guard stood on the porch and waited for him. Once Tate walked up, the guard led him into a vast foyer.

“Follow me.”

He followed the guard to the second floor landing and into a vast study. Behind the desk sat Ricki. Tall, blonde, and fit, Ricki watched as Tate walked in. She gestured for him to sit in an oversized chair.

“Have a seat, Tate.”

“Thank you, Ricki. A guard said you expected trouble.”

“Yes, however, that’s not what I called you here for.”

“Okay. Why am I here?”

“Your nephew has caused me nothing but trouble, and before I killed him, I wanted you to know why.”

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