Snatched…Part V…new, unedited, incomplete…

Konan waited until the crowd of officers and detectives had dispersed before he approached Janko. When he was certain that their conversation would not be overheard, he walked up. Janko sighed in that exasperated way parents do when their children ask to many questions.

“What, Konan?”

“Do you have any idea where I should start my search the Reverend?”

“The last I heard; he rented a room at the Fairmont off Exit 133. The owner called here to complain that Reverend Alf had made a full-time nuisance of himself.”

“Did they forget that they have the right to refuse service to people like that?”

“I don’t know, Thompson. Why don’t you and Konan go find out?”

“Will do, chief.”

The pair of detectives walked out to their unmarked sedan and drove to Exit 133. It sat off Highway 12, a towering beckon of modern life trapped in a trailer park world. Konan pulled under the canopy and let Lilly out. She walked in while he parked.

Lilly glanced over the various brochures and menus until Konan walked in. She walked to the counter and rang the bell. An older, grey-haired woman came from the back room.

“You need a room? Single? Double occupancy?”

Konan pointed at his badge and shook his head. The woman’s tired eyes showed no emotion as she swept them over his badge.

“No, someone called and said Reverend Alf made a nuisance of himself. We’re here to deal with that.”

“That’s what the other cops said too. Y’all have an orgy or what? You replace what you tear up, you hear me? I don’t care who you are, you break it-you buy it.”

“Okay. Could we get that room number, please?”

While the lady searched up the room number, Lilly went outside to call in for back up. Moment’s later, two black and whites pulled in.

“We’ve got Reverend Alf in Room 331 at the end of the hallway, top floor,” Lilly said glancing around at the four other cops. “Plus, there are two other officers, both which we suspect of murder in there as well.”

No one said anything for a moment until Konan put his hand up, everyone turned and looked at him.

“Keep your head on a swivel, weapon discipline at all times, do not try to be a hero. Remember this, all the heroes are dead. Okay? Let’s get this done.”

Loud music came from the top floor, laughter and giggles came from the reverend’s room. It seemed strange to Konan that no guards stood outside of the preacher’s quarters.

The squad of police officers slipped quietly through the night. They stacked up outside of the door, and Konan kicked the door in.

“Police, freeze!”

Each officer took a hard corner and pied the room. Shouts of ‘clear’ let Konan know the area was secured. Reverend Alf had his face in a bowl of cocaine.

Young girls in various states of undress lay about the room, their eyes had the dreamy look of bliss about them.

“Lord have mercy,” the reverend sobbed, “y’all done messed up my party.”

“Where are Bronowski and Titus?”

“Them boys are long gone. They come by to see if I needed some help with the next march.”

“Get you fat butt up,” Lilly snarled, yanking the man to his feet. She slammed him into the wall and wrenched his arms behind his back. “You have the right to remain silent…”

Konan walked into the bedroom; more young girls lay about the room. He sighed and covered up the two in the bed with the blanket. Another stirred at the foot of the bed.

“Good morning,” Konan said, handing her the bathrobe. “I’m Detective Konan. Do you know where you are?”

“Yeah,” the girl said. “Reverend Alf said he would show me a good time. He gave us coke and said we would witness his glory.”

“The reverend is full of crap. He brought you here to satisfy his own selfish needs.”

One of the patrol officers stuck their head in the room and let Konan know that Lilly took Reverend Alf to the unmarked car.

“I need all of you to come with me to the station,” Konan said to the young woman. We need your statements, ok…” Konan’s words were cut off by a hail of gunfire. He shoved the young woman to the floor and shielded her with his body. The bullets continued to tear into the room, but his only thoughts were of his partner alone in the parking lot with a lying preacher and two corrupt cops

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