Snatched…Part III continues…unedited/incomplete…

Shady Jim’s Towing wasn’t in a building per se. A mobile home sat on the lot, and a small tin shed sat behind it. An old Chevy flatbed with towing equipment sat in the driveway. A middle-aged man sat on a porch that looked as if it was one strong wind away from total collapse. 

“Howdy,” Konan said as he exited the car. The man nodded at him but didn’t say anything. 

“I’m looking for Andy. Luc sent me here to talk to him.”

“Luc sent you to talk to me. What do you want?”

“I understand that a 1979 Ford van…”

Andy lifted a shotgun and pointed it at Konan. ‘Oh crap,’ Lilly muttered reaching for the door.

“You ain’t welcome here, boy. Get in your car and leave while you have a chance.”

“Andy, I’m a cop. You don’t want to shoot me. I promised Luc I wasn’t interested in your activities. I want the two cops that dropped that van off.”

“You don’t listen good,” Andy muttered as he lowered the shotgun. He motioned for Konan to the porch. Konan took a seat next to him.

“I thought you were with them boys. They’re bad men.”

“Yeah. So, I’ve heard. Do you still have the van?”

“I chopped it. The only piece I’ve got left is the driver side mirror.”

“Any blood on it?”

“Mmmhmm. My girl told me not to do business with ‘em, but we are hard up for money. Got another rug rat on the way.”

“Do you know where they are now? I need to find them before more people get hurt.”

“They dropped it off and left. The short one said if I talked to the law he’d come back and cut the baby out.”


“Yeah, that’s his name.”

“I need that mirror,” Konan said as he stood. He waved Lilly from the car. “Where’s your girl now?”

“I sent her to her mother’s place in Tennessee.”

“Good. Tell her to stay there until we get these clowns out of circulation.”

“Alright. The mirror’s out back.”

Konan and Lilly followed Andy to the small metal shed. A combination lock kept the door secure. Both detectives looked away as Andy spun the dial.

A few moments later, Andy handed the mirror to Konan. Andy motioned at the mirror and said, “I cleaned it up. It had a lot of blood on it.”

Lilly sighed and shook her head. “We can’t catch a break on this case. Two officers did the murder, now the evidence is tampered with…”

She didn’t finish her thought with ‘what else could go wrong’ because she’d been partners with Konan long enough to know that the other boot would drop when they least expected it to.

Konan thanked Andy for his cooperation and the detectives walked back to their vehicle. He placed the evidence on the back seat and climbed into the unmarked sedan.

“Well,” Lilly growled, “now what?”

“To the lab, I reckon. Maybe the techies can work a miracle on it. Otherwise, we are stuck with the testimony of a criminal against two officers of the law.”

“I can’t believe he ‘cleaned’ the mirror. Do you think he is in cahoots with Titus and Bronowski?”

“I doubt it, Lilly. Andy’s girl is pregnant. Titus threatened to come back and cut out her baby if he cooperated with us.”


“Yeah. I think it’d be better to shoot Titus on sight. We’d be doing the world a favor.”

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