Thermopolis Konan and The Murder Business…a new writing, unedited and incomplete…

Konan called for a cab and asked for the driver to meet him in front of Tina’s Pizza. Fifteen minutes later the cab arrived. Konan and Lilly slipped into the back seat and gave the driver their destination. The cab driver, a Middle Eastern fellow, turned up his radio and pulled into traffic. His driving was every bit as erratic as Lilly’s.
“I’m Ahmed,” the driver shouted over the loud music.
“What?” Lilly cupped her hand to her ear and raised her eyebrows.
“Ahmed,” he shouted again pointing a finger at himself.
“Oh, I’m Lilly.”
“Dude, you can get her name when we get to where we are going,” Konan growled. He hung on to the clothes rack above the door to keep from being flung into the floorboard.
“We’re here,” Ahmed said as he applied the brakes.
“Thanks, Ahmed. It was nice meeting you.”
“You too, Lilly.”
Konan handed Ahmed forty dollars and stepped out of the car. Lilly gave Ahmed a wave as he pulled out into traffic. She and Konan walked up to the gate where only the old black man stood watch.
“Good afternoon, detectives.”
“Hi again,” Konan said pulling out the wallet that held his badge.
The old man waved him off. “You’ve been here so much sir, I know who you are.”
“Well, thanks. We will chat with you on the way out.”
“I’ll be right here.”
The walk to the main house took Konan and Lilly through a small garden that wound along the east side of the yard. Tulips, roses, and periwinkles were in full bloom. Two doormen watched as the pair drew near to them.
“Back so soon,” the rail thin man asked. His partner let out a dry chuckle, but his smile lacked warmth, and the laughter never made it to his eyes. They waited until Konan and Lilly stepped to the door before they opened it.
“Yeah. We figured bloodthirsty psychopaths would fit right in with the rest of the empty husks. Excuse us.”
They weren’t greeted by the haughty older woman this time. Lilly and Konan stood apart from the rich socialites and purveyed the scenery. Many people glanced toward the two detectives but averted their eyes when Konan returned their gaze.
In the back of the bar, Konan noticed Billy and Cartwright. Both men met his gaze. Konan started toward the pair; Lilly followed him. She trailed behind and stayed out of Konan’s shadow. If something drastic happened, she wanted to have a clear shot at one of the two men.
“Hello, Cartwright.”
“Konan. And this is…”
“Detective Lilly Thompson, my partner.”
“Right. I’m charmed to make your acquaintance.”
“Right,” Lilly said. Cartwright smiled and gestured for them to join he and Billy.
“So, what brought you by today?”
“Well, you know how it is Cartwright. You find the guy you’ve spent all this time looking for, and you haul him in. Then, you get him booked in, and someone killed him. Kind of makes a detective wonder who has that kind of power.”

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