Good morning. 

It’s a little after two in the morning here. I woke thinking about resolutions. This year, I decided that I have no need for such things. It’s popular to make a resolution to kick off each new year, and it takes only a few weeks to turn that determination into an afterthought.

As a running joke, I told people that I’m awesome, and since I’m already perfect it made no sense for me to make a resolution. 

The truth is that I’m tired of making a resolution only to fail the first month into the new year. I looked around the world and noticed a few things. There are many who need a friend, I could be that guy. Many needs someone to listen to them vent.  

There are many needs in the world, and instead of me resolving not to eat mayonnaise, or some other fruitless endeavor, I could be the change I wish to see in the world.

All it takes is one step in the right direction, followed by another. After a while, all those few steps become more and soon after, you’ve made excellence a habit. 

Last year, I made a change in my diet.  I’ve lost over a hundred pounds since I made that detour. It’s not a diet, it was a lifestyle change. 

So, this year I will make another. We are all members of humanity and regardless of our differences, we all could use someone who is simply there for us.

So, as is par for the course, I’ve decided to be a better person, a better friend, and a listener. Instead of making another resolution, I will shore up my weaknesses and try to find joy in each day.

Life is too short for anything less. Sure, there are going to be tough days, but as a wise woman told me once: Every day is not a bad day.

You guys take it easy.


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