Snatched…new writing, unedited/incomplete…

While Konan and Lilly went off in search of Pappy, Tray Tan sat in the food court in the Fredericksburg Mall.  He watched as people rushed through the mall in search for whatever new thing would bring them temporary happiness. People never ceased to amaze him.

“Admiring the sheep again, are you?” An older man sat at the table with him.  The old man’s eyes twinkled with mischief. 

“What do you know good, Pop-Pop?”

“Just me and you, Tray.”

“I assume the others are on their way,” Tray asked. He sipped his Dr. Pepper and bit into his eggroll.  

“Yep, the rest of the crew is on their way, well except for our fearless leader. He would prefer to remain hidden until he can no longer linger in the shadows.”

Tia ‘Two Step’ Lopez and Abraham Wilson sat at the table with the others. Tia looked around the table and gave her friends a wide smile. 

“Hey guys, it’s great to see you all again. As you know, this is the last job. After this, we all go our separate ways. Should one of us fall or get captured, that individual’s share will go into an account where it will draw interest until their release date. If the other, more permanent end should occur, then the payment will be given to your significant other.”

“If we don’t have a significant other…”

Everyone looked at Pop-Pop. As the oldest of the group, they all expected him to be married or at a minimum have someone in his life. 

“Um, Pop do you have a lady friend, or children?”

“I have a daughter, but she doesn’t know me.”

“Then, we would make sure she gets the payment-if that is your wish.”

“That’ll do.”

“Make sure we get her address. If you want something more specific, write it down and give it to me or our leader.”

“Will do.”

“Alright. Our target hasn’t changed, but the briefing will not happen tonight. Instead, the plan has been delayed until a specific event happens. On that night, we strike. Have your phones on, make sure they are charged, it’s going to happen on a moment’s notice. Any questions?”

No one had any, and they walked away on a delayed sequence. The crew was in place for one last heist. Now, the only thing in the way was the event that would launch the crew into action. 

For Tray Tan it couldn’t come quick enough. “This dump won’t know what hit it.”

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