Snatched…Part III…unedited….

Lilly met Konan in the parking garage. Konan pulled in and parked the car.  

“Where did you go,” she yelled as he opened the door.

“Say again?”

“Where did you go? Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?”

“Hold up,” Konan said as he pushed the car door shut. “Who are you yelling at?”

“You left. While you were gone, Reverend Alf Williams showed up. I had to escort him around while you went off and played detective.”

“I had to step out and get some fresh air. I’m sorry you had to escort the ‘megaphone for the oppressed’ around alone. I figured that would be right up there on your to-do list.”

“That’s bull and you know it. Where did you go?”

“I went back to the crime scene.”


“I spoke to a homeless man who witnessed the crime.”


“I got a description of the perps.”

“Why didn’t you bring in the homeless man? We could have interrogated him.”

“He didn’t need interrogating, Lilly. He gave me the details…”

Together the two detectives walked to the elevator. Inside the murder room, Reverend Alf spoke to Manson and Rankin. They waved Konan and Lilly over. 

“This is the Reverend Alf Williams, Konan. He is here to provide um, comfort and assistance in any way,” Manson said by way of introduction. 

Konan forced a small smile and said, “nice to meet you, reverend.”

“Detective. I understand that you are hesitating to call this vile deed a hate crime. Do you care to explain why?”

“There is no evidence as of yet to call…”

“A black man is struck down in your town and you refuse to acknowledge it was hatred that killed the brother?”

“Respectfully Reverend Alf, hatred plays a role in all murders. That alone isn’t evidence of a hate crime.”

“I’ll pray that your eyes will be opened to the plight of my fellow brothers and sisters.”

“Well, I could always use more prayers.”

“We will march and sing until justice is found for this poor man and his family.”

Konan gave him a small wave and walked over to his desk. He moved his mouse to wake up his computer and began to scroll through the daily logs. Manson walked over and pulled up a chair next to him.

“Sorry about that, Konan. The good Reverend Alf jumped up and down on my last nerve, I had to do something before I got in trouble.”

“I understand, Manson.”

“So, is it a hate crime?”

“I don’t know. From appearances it could be classified a hate crime, but you know how first glances are.”

“Yeah. Half of the department is on one side or the other. I think we should investigate and see what comes up- speaking only for myself.”

“Me too,” Konan sighed. “Unfortunately, we no longer live in a time of reason. Emotion overrides facts, and no one cares about the collateral damage as long as they feel good about themselves.”

“Well, good luck with this case. I’m glad you and Lilly caught this one.”

“Thanks, Manson.”

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