Snatched…new writing, unedited…

Hollingsworth pulled the car into the parking garage that sat across from the police station. He tossed the keys to Konan and headed into the first floor. Lilly wasted no time rushing to the elevator that would carry her to the second floor of the garage, and a nearby bridge skywalk would lead from the garage into the homicide division across the street. Konan watched his partner leave.

He shook his head and shoved the keys into his pockets. Tensions between various races had risen at an alarming rate the past few years. When things seemed to calm down, another incident would occur and to add the cherry to the top of the whole situation, several reverends added their voice to the already volatile mixture. Of these, the Reverend Alf Williams was the most vocal.

“He’s a complete clown who embodies the racist spirit he decries as a blight upon our society,” Konan thought as he walked toward the elevator.

Chief Wilson Janko sat at the desk talking to Lilly when Konan walked in. He gave Konan a nod, Konan nodded back at him and sat down.

“Lilly said she thought the crime had a racist element to it Konan. What do you think?”

Janko asked as he wiped the crumbs of donut from his shirt. His ample belly served as a crumb catcher for whatever fell from his mouth and walrus mustache.

“I’m not sure, Chief. We won’t know anything until the autopsy is done, and the lab results are in.”

“The media is already calling it a hate crime,” Lilly interjected angrily. She glared at Konan from across the desk. Janko cleared his throat and moved from between his two detectives.

“And that is irresponsible. Until we know for certain it’s only speculation…”

“It doesn’t matter, Konan. The Reverend Alf is on his way here. Between him and the media it’s a circus. I want this case solved, and I want it closed ASAP.”

“Thanks for the donuts, Lilly. You guys get on it and keep me informed.”

“You’re welcome, Chief. We will.”

Lilly waited until Janko walked into his office and turned to face Konan. She threw her hands in the air, leapt to her feet and snarled, “it would kill you to back me up, wouldn’t it?”

“We don’t anything, Lilly. Why are you so hellbent to call this a hate crime?”

“Imagine if it was your family, Konan. Wouldn’t you want justice for your children?”

“I would want the truth, and I would want the right person to pay for it.”

“Well, so do I.”

“No. You want someone to pay. Who doesn’t matter.”

“There is a discrepancy when it comes to justice between blacks and whites in this country. For once, we should lead from the front, and be proactive in calling it what it is.”

“You want to lead from the front with no facts to back up your claim, and no evidence to prove that it was a hate crime. That’s not leadership, that’s stirring the pot. Furthermore, that is throwing fuel on a raging fire, giving angry people more crap to be angry about, and it takes away attention from the real victims of such crimes.”

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