A Hot Day South…the rewrite continues…

The police station was only a few blocks away, so Konan walked to it. The fresh air did him some good. His anger had cooled to a small inferno by the time he arrived. 

Detectives Tomas and Wiggins waited for him in the records cage. Tomas was a large built man. He was an older man and shaped like a burrito. Wiggins was a tall, thin man with a permanently broken nose. He wheezed every time he took a breath. Tomas gestured at Wiggins and himself and muttered, “Wiggins and Tomas, we were told to bring you up to speed.”


“Here are the notes that we’ve compiled so far concerning the two murders. Chief Janko doesn’t want you to pollute the environment, so he put you down here in Records.”

“How nice of him.”

“Did you expect him to roll out the welcome carpet? We all heard you grabbed him by the throat in front of the mayor.”

“Alright. I better get on with it.”

“If you need anything, you can reach us at Extension 32.”


Tomas and Wiggins turned and walked out of the cage. A singular light bulb hung from the ceiling. It burned dimly. Konan moved a chair under the bulb and looked over the notes. “Nailed to the floor, fifteen years old, long lacerations on face.” The results from the lab concerning the samples pulled from the young girl would not be in for another day, at least. Konan checked anyway.

Ashley Wilkinson met him in the hallway. “Hey, Konan. I have some news.” Konan nodded and waved her over to an empty bench. 

“What do you have, Ashley?”

“DNA came back off the samples that I took from the first victim.”

“Who did it belong to?”

Ashley handed him the two sheets of paper. “Joe Waterson and Billy Crump,” Ashley said. Her eyes bored holes in the floor. 

“Thanks, Ashley. Anything from Daniels, yet?”

“No,” Ashley replied softly. “She is up next. I can’t believe someone killed her. She was a sweetheart. Some people would say naïve, but she had an innocence about her. Like, she only saw the good in people. ”

“I’m sorry she’s gone.”

“She talked about you, you know.” Konan looked at Ashley and studied her face. He didn’t remember Daniels, but must have crossed with her at some point.


“Yeah. She didn’t think it was fair what happened to you.”

Konan chuckled. “Did she know why they fired me?”

“Some. She said you had a strong sense of justice, and that you thought the ends justified the means. The rumor was that you punched Tia Mathers in the throat and then kicked the crap out of her.”

“Yeah, but Tia…”

“Had it coming? Everyone else thought she deserved it too.”

“It’s ancient history, Ashley.”

“Tia Mathers revealed case details to a journalist, right? That’s what got you heated, right?”

“Yeah. She told them our case was thin, and then the killer skated. He killed three people within 24 hours. “

“Yeah, but you killed him.”

“I defended myself.”

“Yeah, by killing him.”

“I didn’t have a choice, Ashley. It was me or him, and I decided my life was more valuable.”

“I will let you know what else I find.”


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