Dark Water…new writing, unedited/incomplete…

Jayson walked into the State Building with five minutes to spare. He wasn’t in a hurry to get chewed out for his actions, but butt chewings came with the territory. An officer with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, he investigated crimes involving the abuse of illicit drugs. 

The governor’s office was located on the second floor. Jayson climbed into the elevator and pressed the button. Seconds later he walked into the governor’s office. Governor Kaylee Smith-Taylor sat behind her desk. She glared at Jayson when he entered. 

“If you can’t get here on time, get here when you want to, agent.”

Jayson stopped short of her desk and stood at attention. Smith-Taylor nodded at a chair; Grayson sat in it. The Lt. Governor, Adam Smith, no relation to the governor, sat in the chair beside him. 

“My daughter, Eileen, who is supposedly protected by the best law enforcement officers in the state, is pending charges for narcotics trafficking. Explain this to me,” Smith-Taylor snarled. 

“Eileen hand carried her carry-on bag filled with heroin through customs under the guise of a diplomatic package, after her senior trip to Europe. So…”

“She is my daughter. I want this to vanish before the media gets ahold of it.”

“No ma’am. That’s out of my control.”

“Did you not hear me, agent?”

“Oh, I heard you. Everyone in the building heard you. There’s nothing I can do regarding this…situation. I would suggest a good lawyer.”

“You either make it go away, or you find another career path. This is a career defining moment. Think carefully.”

Jayson leaned forward in his seat and stretched his back. His knee had stiffened, and the pain frustrated him.

“You know, it’s never failed to amaze me that people who have no idea what they’re talking about thinks they’re experts. It’s all over television. The media has a herd of so-called experts who are hired for the sole purpose of pushing their agenda. And the governor is now demanding I break the law to save her child.”

“How dare you…”

“I totally agree with you by the way. This is a career defining moment. I quit. Good luck to you and your idiot kid.”

Jayson Grayson, former agent for the Mississippi Narcotics Bureau, stood to his feet and walked out. The last he saw, both politicians’ mouths were agape in disbelief.

Just the way he liked it.

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