The Missing…another part…unedited…

Konan removed his hand from Lilly’s mouth. She glared at him; spit had formed in the corner of her mouth. Her brown eyes promised violence, and Konan was not sure he wasn’t the target.

“That freak buried my son,” she snarled at Konan.

“I know, Lilly. He was getting off on your panic. You know as well as I do that you don’t hand these cretins anything.”

“Don’t ever hush me again, or you will regret it.”

Lilly turned and stormed away. Janko and the other officers got out of her way as she barreled past them.

“Where are you going, Lilly?”

“To find my son, Konan. Are you going to help or stand there with your head up your butt?”

“I’ll catch up with you.”

Konan walked up to Chief Janko, Manson, and Val Rankin. They looked at him and shook their heads disapprovingly.

“The killer said he buried Gareth somewhere between the waterway and the dump. We need a team at the waterway. Any officers that you can spare Chief is appreciated.”

“Manson and I can take the waterway,” Rankin said. Janko nodded.

“Okay. Konan head to the dump. I’ll split up the techs and send teams to both areas,” Janko said. “We’ve got limited time and the baby has limited air. Let’s find him and get him home to his mother.”

Each of them split up and headed to their assigned task. Konan drove to the dump, in the past few months the landfill had doubled in size. “Jesus, there’s no telling where this psycho buried Gareth.” Two blue CSI vans pulled in behind him. They offloaded tools to use in the search for Gareth. One of the techs walked to Konan and spoke.

“We have ground penetrating radar and a two man electromagnetic device with us. Where do you want us to start?”

“I don’t know, man. Wherever you think best, you guys are the experts.”

Lilly drove up from the backside of the dump. She got out and raised her hands as if to say, “why are you standing here?” The tech looked at Konan and then Lilly.

“Come with me,” Lilly snapped at the tech. He waved at his colleagues and they followed Lilly to the rear of the dump. Konan walked in the opposite direction. General George Patton had once remarked that “if everyone is thinking the same way, someone isn’t thinking.” If everyone was going to the rear of the dump, Konan would start his search at the bottom of the hill.

One of the first things Konan searched for was disturbed earth. He walked the entire bottom searching for turned over patches of dirt. Tons of turned over dirt was visible to his eye, which was common for landfills. He continued to move, so did time. Hours passed, and the search party began to grow frantic. Lilly sat on the side of the hill and sobbed.

“We’re not going to find him in time Konan. My baby…”

“I’ve got something,” one of the techs shouted. She stood by a large mound of trash, people rushed toward her. “Get the dozer,” someone shouted. One of the landfill workers brought an old Ford bulldozer and pushed the mound of trash over. Another worker brought a backhoe. The tech pointed where the backhoe driver should dig. Two full scoops uncovered the barrel.

“How much time do we have,” Lilly asked as the workers tried to remove the lid.

“We’re past the deadline, Lilly.”

“Oh God…”

Inside the drum lay Gareth. He was still wrapped in the hospital blanket, his eyes closed, his skin a bluish grey. A tiny oxygen mask covered his face, the gauge on the tank read zero. Lilly clutched her baby to her breast and sobbed. Paramedics took the child from her and began CPR. Konan sat on the side of the hill and watched.

“God, I know it’s been a long time since we talked. Please, please, please, let them bring him back. Don’t do it for me God, I know I’m unworthy. Do it for Lilly. Please.”
Konan covered his face with his hands so no one could see his tears.

“He’s breathing,” one of the paramedics shouted. Lilly sobbed, Konan looked up. The paramedics rushed baby Gareth to the ambulance. Lilly piled into the back with them.

“Thank you,” Konan whispered.

From the wood line that bordered the edge of the dump, Calder watched as the ambulance left for the hospital. He smiled. “Now, they know they aren’t untouchable.”

Calder walked to his vehicle that he left on the side of the county road. He climbed behind the wheel started his journey toward Biloxi, Mississippi. There, he would board a ship that would take him to Alaska. At which point, he would then travel to Russia. From there, he would finalize his escape to someplace tropical.

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