Death Carries A Hammer…new writing, unedited, incomplete…

Lilly and I left the morgue. She drove us back to the station. On the way, she glanced at me.

“Poison? Who kills with poison?”

“Assassins, governments, women, or any combination of the three. Sometimes, it’s all three.”

“So, we’re looking for a female governmental assassin who killed four rednecks for reasons unknown?”

“Probably not, Lilly. It’s more likely we are looking for a female killer. Plus, the killer only used poison to weaken the rednecks, they shot all the victims and bashed in the head of one of them.”

“Well, that narrows it down. I reckon.”

“I reckon.”

At 0900, Lilly and Konan received a call to report to the Internal Affairs building. Lynn Towers met the pair of detectives in the foyer.

“Good morning, detectives. Follow me, please.” She led them into a private room on the ground floor. Two cameras hung in the corners of the room. Red lights blinked to show they worked.

Lynn Towers pointed at the table, and two chairs Konan and Lilly sat down at the table. Lynn sat across from the pair.

“Good morning, detectives.”

“Is it,” Konan asked. “Why are we being interviewed by IA?”

“I need to ask some questions about Yvonne Strauss.”

“Yvonne Strauss,” Lilly questioned. “What about her?”

“You two investigated her during your last case, yes?”

“Hold up,” Konan said as he held up his left hand. “You’re Internal Affairs. Civilians and civilian criminality are not your mission. Why are you interested?”

“I need to know if she had anything to do with Wilson Figueroa or his scams.”

“You didn’t mention why.”

“Detective Thompson, I’m IA. I don’t have to answer your questions. You answer mine.”

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