Hypocrite…a continuation…unedited and incomplete…

I walked into the room and slammed the door. Maxwell stared at me, as I drew close to the table, I slammed my hand down on it. Maxwell leaned back, his eyes large in surprise.

“You lied to me, Maxwell. Why did you lie,” I yelled.

“I didn’t lie, detective.”

“Yeah, you did. You said you went to the card game with Maximillian. That’s not true, is it? You met him at the game, right after you bashed your boss’s brains in with a sledgehammer!”

“No! I didn’t kill Figgy. I rode with Maximillian. Ask him, he’ll set this straight.”

I leaned close to Maxwell and smiled my best smile. 

“I did ask him, Maxwell. He said you showed up at the game in a separate vehicle. He said you left around midnight or so. The truth is there was no card game, was there?”


“So, where were you two?”

“I want my lawyer.”

“Of course, you do. Unfortunately, your lawyer is being held for suspicion of murder. So are you wise guy. We’ll get you a public defender.”

I got up from the table and went back to see Maximillian. Before I entered the room, I stopped behind the glass and turned off the camera. Then, I walked in.

“Back so soon, detective?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Where’s your partner?”

“I’d be more concerned about your partner, Maxi. See…”

“Don’t call me, Maxi. Please.” The word please came out in a hissed rage. I smiled. 

“Sure, Maximillian. Whatever you say.”

“You people have no respect for your betters.”

“My betters? Let me know when they show up. Because right now, I am sitting here with a criminal. So, you’re not my better. Anyway, Maxwell told me you guys rode together, and you say he showed up in a separate vehicle. You see the problem here, right.”

Maximillian said nothing. I kept going.

“So, one of you told me a fib. Since I can’t be certain who’s telling the truth, I’m gonna hold on to you guys for the time being.”

Maximillian stayed quiet. For a lawyer, he wasn’t saying a lot. His eyes grew cold, and he crossed his arms. 

“I don’t think there was a card game. No worries, I’m going to the country club to see if you are telling me the truth. But I don’t think there was one. I think you convinced Maxwell that Wilson Figueroa had to go, and then ya’ll went over there and bashed his head in. Yeah, that makes sense.”



I got up and walked out. Janko waited for me in the hallway.


“Someone is lying, Chief. Their stories don’t match up. I’ve got to go to the country club and verify there was a card game there on the night that Figueroa kicked the bucket.”

“What night was that?”

“Monday night.”

“Yeah. There was a Spades tournament that weekend, but it was tied up. Monday night was the tiebreaker.”

“You were there?”

“Yeah. I was playing in the tourney.”

“You didn’t happen to notice those two in the crowd, did you?”

“No, but that doesn’t mean anything. I will get the security footage. You and Lilly go through it with a fine-toothed comb.”

“Will do.”

“Speaking of Lilly, Internal Affairs is looking at her.”


“Yeah. I’ve kept them at bay, but you might want to tell her to tighten up story. They’re out for blood.”

“I’ll tell her, Chief.”

“Okay. You guys put the nails in this case. Wilson Figueroa was a pain in the butt when he was alive and is a bigger pain now that he’s dead. Put this case to bed.”

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