Hypocrite…new writing, unedited…

The end of the day came quickly after Konan and Lilly had made their second trip to the compound. Upon arrival, they had requested a warrant to ask questions of Maxwell and Maximillian, plus all the staff housed at their grounds. The judge was not in and would not receive their request until the following morning. Konan bid Lilly good night and went home. 

His mobile home sat on a 2.5-acre square plot on the outskirts of town. A long dirt driveway led to the trailer, which sat on the back corner of the lot. There was one way in, and one way out. Konan drove down the road with his lights off. A dark sedan sat in front of his house; the sedan’s license plate tagged it as government. Konan pulled next to it and stepped out.

A long-legged blonde stepped out of the car. Her hair hung neatly about her shoulders; her eyes were a cool blue. She smiled at Konan. He nodded and looked toward the wood line. “Snipers prefer shadows,” he thought as he viewed the scene.

“Detective Konan, I am Lynn Towers. I am with Internal Affairs.”

“What brings IA to my home?”

“We have some questions concerning your investigation into Wilson Figueroa.”


“My partner and I.” A toothpick thin man stepped from the vehicle. He was bald, his hair was cut into a medieval friar cut. He nodded.

“I don’t understand. Internal Affairs investigate corrupt cops, not typical homicides such as this.”

“Wilson Figueroa was one of us. At one time. He was also a confidential informant. We used him to…”

“…identify corrupt cops? Or were you guys branching out?”

“Look, detective. We want you to keep us in the loop. That’s it. If you find out anything that could help us, we would appreciate a heads up,” Lynn Towers said. She shoved her hands into her pantsuit pockets.

“What do I get out of it?”

“We will ignore the fact that your partner has a child by Figueroa. We will cease our investigation into her immediately.”

The bald agent stepped close and smiled cruelly. He leaned close to Konan and whispered, “you help us, we help you. You do remember how to be a team player, don’t you?”

“Get out of my yard.”

“Is that no?”

“We’ll see.”

Lynn Towers and her partner got into their vehicle and drove down the driveway. Konan watched them leave. Satisfied they were gone, Konan walked into his dark house and switched on the lights. “How stupid of Lilly to get crossed up with Wilson Figueroa. How stupid….”

Konan showered and fell asleep on the couch. He tossed and turned and finally got up at 0300 and made a cup of coffee. Cup in hand, he sat in his recliner and turned on his television. Konan sipped his coffee and turned down the volume on the television. In the quiet of the early morning, Konan considered his options. 

Then, the phone rang.

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