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Konan stood and followed Amy into the back room where the printer was located. She printed off a copy of her list of known associates linked to Wilson Figueroa. Amy nodded at Lilly who sat with her arms crossed, her eyes firmly affixed to the wall. 

“Is there trouble in paradise?”

“Yeah, things are complicated in this case.”

“But not between partners?”

“We keep things simple, ma’am.”

“Such as?”

“Such as we don’t mix work and pleasure. We keep things professional between the two of us.”

Amy smiled and nodded. “That’s smart. Are you free for dinner?”

“Absolutely. Say 7?”

“That sounds fine. Should I pick you up, or do you want to meet at Soucy’s Steakhouse?”

“Since I’m a couple of floors up, I’ll catch a ride with you.”

“See ya at seven then, handsome.”

Konan laughed. Amy winked, and they walked out to the room where Lilly still sat with her arms crossed. 

“Here you go, Detective Thompson. I brought your partner back, along with my list of known associates of one Wilson Figueroa. See ya later, Detective Konan.”

“Until next time, ma’am.”

Lilly and I walked out to the car. She sat in the passenger seat and perused the list. She cut her eyes to me but said nothing. I started the car and headed for the compound. 

“You two seemed to get along famously.”

I glanced at Lilly; her arms were still crossed. “Dear Lord, how much anger does she have?” I kept the car at the speed limit of 55 and kept my mouth shut.

“Who all is on the list,” I asked trying to keep the focus on the case.

“Maxwell and Maximillian, along with several staff members.”

“Who do you think…”

“Are you dating, Lt. Wiseman?”

“Say again? Dating? No.”

“She seemed to dig you. Are you sure you’re not dating?”

I pulled the car off to the shoulder of the road and put it into park. Lilly turned and stared at me. 

“Do you have something you want to say, Lilly?”


“Yes, you do. My flirting with Amy seems to have rubbed you the wrong way. Should I point out the obvious here?”

“What, Konan? That I have a child by the victim? Or the fact that I don’t know that he is the father?  I was drugged and can’t remember who all had their way with me that night. I don’t see the obvious, so tell me, what exactly are you talking about?”

Tears wet Lilly’s cheeks, I sat there stunned by her confession. We sat on the side of Highway 12 in the dark, silent. Lilly uncrossed her arms and used her hands to cover her face. She sobbed uncontrollably.

I pulled her into a tight embrace and held her until she quit crying. She pulled away and wiped at her eyes. 

“Please, don’t report what I told you, Konan. I don’t want people to know that I’m a…”

“It’s okay, Lilly. You need help.”

“I don’t want to be a victim.”

“But you are, Lilly. What would you tell someone who went through what you have?” 

Her tears began to flow again. I held her hand and stayed silent. 

“I’d tell them to get counseling and work through…”

“I know.”

We sat on the side of the road until Lilly found her composure. She wiped her face with a wet wipe. I started the car and drove us toward the compound. Lilly took a deep breath and let it out slowly. 

“You must think I’m cheap, not to mention a bit whorish.”

“I think nothing of the sort. As I’ve said many times before, I love you and want nothing but good things for you.”

“I don’t remember much, Konan. When Figueroa finished, he waved in more people. I can’t recall their faces. How could I let this happen?”


I guided the car in front of the compound and put it in drive. Chuck was still on shift. I looked at Lilly.

“If you want to sit here while I go in, it’s fine.”

Lilly’s eyes were swollen and bloodshot from the tears she’d shed. She shook her head no. Determination, and a quiet rage, showed in her hazel eyes. 

“No. Let’s go shake things up.”

“Sounds good. Chucky is waiting for us.”

Lilly gave me a hard smile and stepped out of the car. This time, we walked together to the gate.

“Hiya, Chuck. Open up, we need to have a word with the Maxi twins.”

“You got a warrant?”

“No, do I need one?”

“Maximillian left specific instructions that no cops are allowed back into the compound without one. So, screw off.”

“Awesome. We’ll be back.”

Lilly and I walked back to the car and drove back to town. We’d have to get a warrant to open the gates. It seemed a bit complicated for only questions, almost as if there was something to hide.

“I can’t wait to get back in there. Someone is going to give us some answers,” Lilly said as we pulled into the garage.

“Lilly, maybe you should sit this one out.”

“No. Konan promise me you won’t sideline me. I need to know what happened that night.”

“Lilly, this is a murder case. If you can’t separate what happened to you, and this case, you’re no good to me. I’m sorry for what happened. We will find answers, but this case needs to be solved.”

“I know.”

“Get help. I’ll go with you if you want. I will support you anyway that I can.”

“I know.”

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