The Missing…more story…unedited…

Konan, Lilly and Tammy finished their conversation. Konan left the department to go for coffee. Halfway to the small drive-thru coffee shop, where the girls were bikinis year-round, Konan decided to go to Parchman to visit his father.

Mad Michael sat in the visiting room. He was in front of the large window, the same window he and Konan sat in front of yesterday. He never looked around, even when Konan sat next to him.

“I take it you found Ric Villers?”

“I did. He was every bit as tough as you said.”

Mad Michael laughed. “I told you he was a trained fighter. You don’t have any bruises, you must of took backup.”

“No backup. I told him you sent me.”

“Well, how about that. Your dear old dad ended up being good for something after all.”

Konan grunted. His ribs were still sore from the punch that Villers landed yesterday. 

“Yeah. He calmed down after I told him you sent me.”

“So, what brought you here today?”

“I told you I would come back after I talked to Villers.”


The two men sat together. Silence filled the gulf between father and son. There were numerous reasons for the silence. Konan supposed it could be the lack of attention from his father when he was younger. Or the fact that his dad was a mass murderer. 

Either way, the silence grew between the two men. Michael finally broke the silence. 

“Do you want to know how much time I have left?”

“No. Why brood on what may happen? Why not live each day to the maximum?”

“Because I am serving the maximum?”

Konan choked back his laughter. Mad Michael grinned. Konan couldn’t contain it. His laughter triggered his father’s.  

“That’s pretty funny.”

“Yeah. Kinda hard to live life to the maximum, when you are serving consecutive life sentences.”


“Wanna play Blackjack? Rummy?”

“I don’t have time. A killer is out there waiting for me to come arrest him.”

“So, you’re gonna max him?”

Konan grinned. “I’m gonna try.”

“Don’t try, son. Get ‘em off the street. Don’t let them hurt anyone else.”

Konan nodded and stood to his feet. He looked at his dad. “It’s too bad he couldn’t be this guy when I was younger.”

“See you later.”

“Yeah. I’ll be here, for the time being anyway.”

After departing from the prison, Konan stopped and picked up two coffees, and then continued to the police station. He walked into Lilly’s office, Detectives Manson and Rankin sat in the chairs. They looked up when Konan walked in.

“There he is,” Manson said. She gave Konan a peck on the cheek. “Look at you! You look great. Welcome back.”

Rankin nodded and stood up. He and Konan had worked together at the 112th. Konan had left under cloudy circumstances. He and Rankin weren’t enemies, but rivals. Time had tempered it, and while they would never be best friends, they were friendly.

“Welcome back, Konan. One of these days you should try to hold onto the job without all these breaks in between employment.”

“Yeah. I’ll try to keep that in mind, Rankin.”

Lilly, Manson and Rankin laughed. They all knew that Konan wouldn’t try to keep it in mind. Konan had a one-track mind. Once he focused on finding the killer, he would not stop until he found them. 

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