The Missing…a continuation…unedited…

Halfway to the station, Konan turned around and drove to the jail. He would see his father. Seeing him now would allow Konan to kill two birds with one stone. He could talk to his father and try to squash his bitterness and find out if Mad Michael knew of someone who would kill in such a gruesome manner.

Konan signed in and flashed his ID. The desk sergeant took his sidearm and locked it up. Konan walked toward the visitation room. Mad Michael sat at the large window and gazed outside. He had shaved his head completely bald.

Konan sat next to him and looked out the window. Nothing was said for a while. They sat together and watched the sun set.

“What brings you by, Detective?”

“Esther told me…”

“I figured my new hairdo gave it away. You were just here. Why did you leave?”

“Because my behavior would’ve disappointed my mother. I am bitter at you. You deserve to be in here for what you’ve done. Still…”

Mad Michael looked out the window. A silence grew between the two men.

“You’re mother was the best thing to happen to me. I sacrificed her and you for more power. It’s too late to change it now, but if I could, I would go back and do things over.”

“Tell me about Ric Villers.”

“He’s a dealer, son. He’s just richer than most. Ric fancies himself a tough guy. You might have to prove your toughness to him.”

“Sounds easy enough…”

“Yeah, but don’t get too confident. He was a Gold Glove boxer, then he trained in that new-fangled MMA style fighting. Rumor is he’s not bad at it.”

“Well, thanks for the heads up. I’m sorry you’re sick.”

“Thanks. I know you hate me, but if you could make it over sometime, it would be nice to just chat. We could play Blackjack or Rummy.”

“I’ll be by tomorrow. We can talk then. I’ve got to go see Richie Rich.”

“Be careful, Konan.”

“I will.”

Konan was satisfied that his father knew he wanted him to get better. He left for Ric Villers. He punched in the number for the dispatcher into his cell. He started to press the button to call but thought better of it.

I’m getting paid to investigate. I’ll brief Lilly tomorrow.”

Konan pulled up in front of a large two-story mansion. Two Mercedes Benz sat in the driveway. Konan pulled up behind them. A large, bald white man stood on the steps. Konan stepped out of his truck and walked toward him.

“Hi, is Ric Villers in?”

“You ain’t on the list, bud.”

“I just need a few moments of his time. I’ll be quick, I promise.”

“Save your promises, wise guy. Get in your truck and leave.”

Konan pulled out a hundred-dollar bill. He handed it to the behemoth that blocked his way.

“Look, it’s all I’ve got on me. How about letting me pass?”

The guy shoved the money into his pocket and shook his head no.

“Thanks for the money, but no dice. Get lost. Don’t make me tell you anymore.”

Konan sighed. It was always the same thing. He took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly.

“Okay. I guess we will do it the hard way.”

The behemoth grinned. He was missing most of his front teeth. “Must’ve been a hockey player,” Konan thought as he stepped back into a defensive stance.

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