It’s amazing what you notice when you travel. It’s like the blinders come off, and the vastness of the world unfolds before your eyes.

The same thing happens when you sit at the airport, except in reverse. You wish the world would shrink. In a state of bewilderment, you rummage for your blinders.

“My eyes! Who let them leave the house looking like that? Is that a hairdo or a rats nest?”

Good times.

Well, I better make my way to the baggage claim. Y’all take care.


Published by frontporchmusings694846020

I am a good ole country boy residing in North Mississippi. I love to read, fish, hunt, hike and go to garage sales. Flea markets are a passion of mine. I read anything, but some of my favorites are: Dean Koontz, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, Shakespeare, and I possess a fondness for the writings of William Faulkner and Mark Twain. If I am forced to choose, I prefer baseball to football. I enjoy Alabama football (Roll Tide)! My baseball teams include: The Colorado Rockies and Boston Red Sox. I am divorced, the father of two daughters and live by myself with Chunk and Roscoe (my dogs).

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