The Missing…the story goes on…unedited and incomplete…

Konan’s phone rang at 0300. Angrily, he looked at his phone. It was Lilly.


“Hey yourself. You weren’t asleep, were you?”

“Yeah. I was asleep. What’s up?”

“We have another person. She’s well done. Meet me at Fredericksburg Daily News.”


Konan dressed in jeans, boots, and a blue denim shirt. He stared in his bathroom mirror. New lines were at the corners of his eyes. “You’re too old for this crap. Between murder, psychopaths, and all forms of human evil, you’ve gotten old sport.”

He left his mobile home at 0320. Traffic was light. The only thing that was open besides convenience stores was the Donut House. Konan stopped and ordered a dozen donuts and a large coffee.

“Well done she said. That means a burned corpse. I better stop and grab something to throw down my neck.  I’d hate to throw up on an empty stomach.”

Konan pulled up in front of the building. The smell of burned flesh was strong, even in the parking lot. A gaggle of officers, techs, and Konan assumed staff, stood near the main door. Lilly turned and waved him over.

“Are you ready for this?”

“Yeah, Lilly. What happened here?”

“Our gal Crispy was on fire when the anchor for Fredericksburg Today found her this morning.”

“So, where is the body?”

“Tammy took her to the morgue. It was bad, Konan. The grass is going to die because of the sheer amount of vomit on it.”

“Jesus. Guess I will go to the morgue. Any clues as to who is committing these acts?”

“No, but here is an interesting tidbit. The first two victims disappeared for two weeks and then was killed and staged a week later, right? Then, the third was missing for a week and a half, killed a week later. Crispy was missing for four days, killed this morning. The violence is escalating. “

Konan sipped some coffee and opened the box of donuts. He took a bite and sipped some more coffee.

“The killer is devolving. He or she must kill more often to relive the thrill. There’ll be more bodies until we find him or her.”

“I better wake the mayor and Chief Janko. God knows, they need to build a story to spin for the media whores.”

“Alright. I’ll catch ya later.”

“Um, before you go, Konan. We need to talk. Wanna grab lunch at O’Shea’s?”

“Sure. It’s been a while since I saw Paddy and Esther.”

“Okay. I’ll see you there at 1230.”

“Sounds good. See you then, Lilly.”

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