The Missing…new writing, unedited, incomplete…

At 0730 the following morning, Konan drove to the county morgue. Tammy Bowen sat at her desk; her head rested upon the corner. Eyes closed, mouth agape, she snored lightly. Tammy was in the same clothes she wore yesterday at the crime scene.

“Tammy, it’s Konan.”

She cracked one eye open and stared at him. Tammy yawned.

“You’re early,” she grumbled.

“Yeah, that whole ‘early bird gets the worm crap.’ I need to see the bodies, and then I have drop by the department and drop off my rates.”

“You’re getting revenge for them firing you?”

“Nah. A poor man has to eat. That means a poor man has to work.”

“Well, let’s get to it.”

Tammy pulled out three bodies, they were labeled ‘1,2,3’. She walked to the first victim and pulled back the sheet.

“This is Isaac Wizen. He was 18, a freshman At Victory University. He disappeared two weeks after the start of his first term. Some claimed it was a hazing gone bad. He was found a week later in the park.”

“Cause of death?”

“Oxy overdose, if he hadn’t disappeared for two weeks and then showed back up in the park, foul play would’ve never been considered.”

“Victim #2?”

Tammy covered up #1 and pulled the sheet back from the second victim.

“This unfortunate lady is Tasha Wilkinson. She was a professor at Hendricks University just over the state line. Tasha lived here and worked there. She disappeared for two weeks and reappeared outside of the local grocery.”

“Say again?”

“Yeah. The owner found her on a bench next to the Coke machines. Poor guy about had a heart attack.”

“I bet. Cause of death?”

“Oxy overdose. Yep, same cause of death, same timeframe. Both victims one and two are exactly similar.”

“But victim number three is different, right?”

“Indeed. My preliminary finding is that the woman was punished. She has severe lacerations over her entire body, broken ribs, and a bruised esophagus. Well, what was left of her esophagus was bruised.”


“She was also cut in half. I’ve ran tests but the results are pending. I’ll know if she was alive when whoever sawed her in half- when the results are in.”

“Alright. I’ll let you get back to your nap, Tammy.”’

“Okay. Before you go, have you spoken to Lilly?”

“Not since I got unceremoniously dumped.”

“You should talk to her. She’s missed you.”

Konan nodded. He had missed Lilly, though it pained him to remember the times they had shared. Many times, he felt a strong tug of affection for Lilly. He suspected that she too felt that tug for him. However, they never acted upon their feelings because that would jeopardize their partnership.

There was nothing in the way of them following their heart now. It was time to for them to find out if they had more in common than solving murders.

Outside of the Fredericksburg Daily News, Mary sat on the bench which also served as the ‘smoke area’. She was alone. The lone journalistic hack was in prior to six a.m. Mary had been on the bench since 0100.

At 0604, local celebrity Tina Walton walked toward Mary. She frowned. “What in the world?” Black plumes of smoke wafted from the bench.

Mary was on fire. Her eyes vacant, and her lips were frozen in a weird smile that said, “I knew it was coming, but I couldn’t stop it.”

Tina Walton fell to her knees on the sidewalk and emptied the contents of her stomach on the dew-kissed grass.

Konan was right. The trouble was just beginning.

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