The Murder Business…new writing, unedited, incomplete…

Konan and Lilly left his mobile home at 0730. Manson and Rankin headed to the garage to check on Alderman Winston’s vehicle, while their counterparts headed to the office to confront Tia Mathers. Lilly and Konan stepped off the elevator at 0800.

They walked briskly to the evidence room and signed out the unfired cartridge, they had a copy of the page that showed Tia had turned in the unfired cartridge.

Tia Mathers looked up from her desk when her door opened. Konan and Lilly stared at her, Tia glared back.

“What do you want,” she snarled at the pair of detectives.

“To ask you a few questions,” Konan said.


“May we sit,” Lilly asked. Tia motioned to the two empty chairs in front of her desk.

Konan and Lilly sat down.

“What do you want,” Tia hissed. Konan placed the unfired cartridge on the table.

“What happened to the round I gave you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, you do. This paper right here has your name on it saying you turned in this as evidence. So, between Traylor’s house to here, the other round disappeared. Where is it?”

Tia clammed up. Konan wanted to smack her around, and knock that smug, self-satisfied grin off her chunky face. Lilly met Tia’s eyes.

“How could you? You trained me to be a detective, you spent hundreds of hours molding me into the person I am. How could you betray me?”

Tia shook her head. “I didn’t betray you, Lilly.”

“Yes, you did. You betrayed me and this department, when you broke your oath. We are sworn to protect the innocent, and you’ve helped these people murder a judge and an Alderman.”

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this. All that was going to happen was that they would step aside and it would open room for advancement…nobody was meant to die.”

“Where is the round, Tia?”

“I gave it to, Billy.”

“Where is he staying,” Konan asked. Tia gave him a savage grin. Her lips pulled back into a snarl, her eyes narrowed, and she guffawed.

“Why? Are you planning on killing him, like you did Blankenship?”

“Nope. I’m going to arrest him for assisting with premeditated murder, conspiracy and whatever else I can charge him with. I’m going to do the same thing to you, Tia. You’d better loosen up before you get to the big house, and remember to not hold on to the bars so tightly. Just let it go.”

Lilly stood to her feet and grabbed Tia’s arm. She yanked her to her feet.

“Tia Mathers, you’re under arrest for the assisting with premeditated murder, conspiracy, tampering with evidence…” Konan lost track of the list of crimes Lilly called off. He walked behind Tia and handcuffed her. Tia sobbed and fell to her knees.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed. “I’m so very sorry.”

“Tell it to the judge,” Lilly said. “Nobody here believes you.”

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