The Murder Business…new writing, unedited, incomplete…

Lilly and Konan left Judge Traylor sitting at her table. They walked out to Konan’s truck. Lilly turned and looked at Konan, her eyes flashed as she opened her door.

“What is wrong with you,” she asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“It was obvious that Traylor was emotional about the death of Watkins. Did you have to be so cold?”

Konan motioned with his hands as to say, ‘what?’ Lilly shook her head as she climbed in.

“You tore into her, Konan. ‘The rats ate her and it’s your fault.’ I swear, sometimes you are ruthless, and I wonder whose side you’re on.”

They sat in an awkward silence for several minutes. Lilly crossed her arms and stared out the window. She turned when she heard the door opened. Konan walked back to the door and knocked on it. Patty Traylor opened the door, but stood behind the glass storm door that remained locked.

“Yes, detective?”

“Um, my partner said that I was, um, calloused in my questioning of you. I apologize ma’am. I’m just doing my job. Sometimes, I…”

A shot rang out. The bullet slammed into Traylor’s right eye and flung her petite frame backwards. Konan moved left and dropped into a low silhouette. There was no cover between him and the truck.

He moved to the vehicle in rushes. “One thousand, one. One thousand, two.” Every third or fourth step he dropped to the ground. He zig-zagged until he made it to cover. Lilly had dropped into the floor board of the truck.

“Are you okay, Lilly?”

“Yep. You?”


No more shots rang out. Konan stood and looked around. Lilly climbed out of the truck and pulled out her phone. She dialed dispatch.

“Send backup to my position. We need a meat wagon and a locksmith.”

Lilly turned to look for Konan. He was nowhere to be seen. The sound of sirens cut through the morning quiet. She leaned against the metal bed of the truck and wept.

While Lilly waited for backup, Konan walked to where he figured the shot had been fired. Traylor’s home was surrounded by other houses, but the sound of the shot had taken several seconds to reach him. A lone hill was to the east of Traylor’s house. As he drew near to the hill, he pulled his sidearm.

He circled around the hill and made his way to the top. The shooter was long gone as he figured. However, the earth was disturbed from where Konan figured the shot came from. Two miniature holes where the bi-pod was placed caught his eyes.

“The shooter probably used a .308 with a high-powered optic. They set up, fired the one shot, and cut out.”

Konan stretched out in the prone firing position and turned his head to the right. A glint in the undergrowth caught his eye. He moved the undergrowth with his left hand and picked up a brass cartridge.

‘I’ll be danged. It’s a .308’

Konan stood on the hill and looked toward Traylor’s house. It was probably half a mile from the hill. An amateur could possibly make the shot, but the probability of making such a precise strike on the target… Konan’s thought trailed off. The shooter had training and this thought made Konan frown.

“I have to find Billy, and whoever the blond-haired man is before someone else is killed.”

Konan watched as the M.E. and police pulled into Traylor’s driveway. Bystanders stood out in their yard and watched the happenings. Lilly directed traffic. Yellow ticker tape was placed around the yard. Konan noticed that two officers were making their way toward him. One gave him a wave, Konan waved back.

“Is this where the shot came from,” one asked.

“Yeah, right here.”

The officer let out a soft whistle. “That’s quiet a shot.”

“Yeah. No amateur did it.”

“You think a professional did it,” the officer asked.

“I would think so. Or someone who’s had training. Military maybe, but something doesn’t make sense.”


“Why did they leave the brass?”

“I don’t know,” the officer replied.

Konan bid them goodbye and walked down the hill. He shoved the brass into an evidence bag and made his way to his partner.

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