The Murder Business…the story goes on…unedited and incomplete…

City Hall was closing when they pulled into an empty parking spot at the end of the lot. By the time Konan and Lilly made it to the front door, the door was locked. The hours were posted on a small blackboard.

“Well, they’re closed,” Lilly said.

“Yep. We will come back at 0800.”

“Okay. Do you think we’ll find anything here?”

“Sure. We will at least know if the frigid ice queen was telling the truth.”

“She was rather cold, wasn’t she.”

“Yeah. I got severe frostbite just looking at her.”

Lilly chuckled as they made their way back to their car. Lilly nudged Konan with her elbow. He cut his eyes to her and waited.

“She was pretty though, wouldn’t you say?”

“I didn’t notice,” Konan responded.

“You’re lying. If anyone noticed, it would be you.”

“A pretty face doesn’t equal to a pretty heart, Lilly. I have met beautiful women who were devious, manipulative, and more than a tad bit evil. I’m sure you could say the same thing about men. Just because they are pretty, or handsome, doesn’t make them good people.”

“True, but I didn’t ask if she was a good person. I asked if she was pretty.”

“She was pretty, in a untouchable, frigid, kind of way.”

“The men seemed to take a back seat to her, or did I misinterpret that?”

“No, you didn’t miss that. They sat in their seats like good little boys.”

“So, Cheyenne Thomas is the alpha of the three.”

“Mmhmm. It seemed that way.”

“She didn’t seem overly concerned that we had questions about the bunker.”

Konan nodded and got into the passenger seat. Lilly’s instincts were sharp. Cheyenne Thomas had seemed to be in charge. She was frigid, cold, and in an arrogant way, helpful. He needed some time to look at all the pieces.

“Do you want me to take you home,” Lilly asked.

“No. You can drop me off at the town square.”

“What’s there?”

“I don’t know yet.”

Lilly dropped Konan off at the town square. Konan sat on a bench that had a view of the fountain. Nigh midnight, a lone figure stepped from the shadows and made its way to the bench. Billy sat down next to Konan.

“How’s it going,” Billy said.

“Things are good. Funny, I thought you were gone.”

“There’s a lot of potential in this town, Konan.”

“I’m sure you know, but let me run something by you. A woman was murdered, well, she had a heart attack while chained to a wall. Rats ate her. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?”

“Ouch. Sounds like that terp that went missing over there. Wild dogs got him, remember?”

“Yeah. I remember. What are you doing here, Billy? Are you still heading up a group of shooters for land grabbing?”

“Oh no, I got out of that business. It was nasty business. No, I am a kind of a…political consultant.”

“Oh yeah? That’s less nasty?”

“It can be less distasteful. You deal with a higher class of people.”

“Un-huh. Are you doing business with Cheyenne Thomas?”

“Boy, she’s a cold one ain’t she? I swear that woman has cold water in her veins. I got frostbite just talking to her.”

“So, you know her.”

“Yeah, I know her. She has the political aspirations of that crack in the concrete.”

“Who are you working for, Billy? Judge Traylor stepped down. Councilman Winston is missing a son. Do you know anything about what is going on?”

“That would be telling, Konan.”

“I could arrest you, right now.”

“On what charge? You have a suspicion, but no evidence. You have nothing, Konan, and you know it.”

“Get out of town, Billy. Don’t come back.”

“How’s your partner? Is she still as gorgeous as ever?”

Konan’s blood ran cold. He stood and turned back to Billy. He locked eyes with Billy. In the darkness, Billy’s eyes looked reptilian.

“You leave my partner alone.”

“Or suffer what consequence, Konan? Are you going to end me like you did Blankenship?”

“Screw around and find out, Billy.”

Billy chuckled. Konan walked away into the long shadows of the night. Instead of heading home, he went to work. He could sleep when he was dead.

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