A few thoughts about words and change…

Good morning, or afternoon/evening, all depending on where you are in the world. It’s morning here, so good morning.

I have thought of words. It’s kind of my thing as a writer. The other day, I watched as some of my fellow writers argued over whether the word ‘friend zone’ was misogynistic.

It made me laugh. I’ve been thrown into the friend zone before. Sure, it sucks, but I’ve never thought of it as misogynistic.

We are all damaged, but there is no reason for us to be so critical that we destroy others. Some have credited Ghandi with saying that we should be the change we wish to see in the world, others have fact-checked it and said that he never said this. Either way, the point is spot-on.

We should, by our example, exemplify the world we want to live in. If we did, the world would be a much better place.

Y’all have a great Sunday.


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