The ending of Aftermath…unedited, but complete…

Konan’s report took the better part of an hour. Lilly had handled the formality of arresting Timothy Fredericks for the murder of his sister Ana Marie, while he typed up the report. She came back after reading Miranda to Timothy. She had gained control of her emotions, her hands had quit shaking. Konan sent the report off and shut down his laptop.

“Are you ready to go visit the Fredericks and let them know the killer is caught?”

“Yeah. The sooner we get done, the sooner it’s over.”

“True enough.”

They walked out to the garage and piled into Konan’s truck. He drove slowly through traffic, he wasn’t in a hurry to tell the Fredericks that their son had killed their daughter either. When he could no longer postpone it, he pulled into their drive. Hank and Tessa stood front of the large window in their living room and watched the detectives walk up. Hank met them at the door. Both Hank and Tessa were solemn.

“Come in, detectives. Do you have news?”

“Yes. We’ve caught Ana Marie’s killer.”

“Oh, thank you God,” Tessa sobbed. “My baby can rest in peace now.”

“Who was it that took our Ana Marie from us,” Hank asked. Lilly blinked back tears and looked at the floor. Konan took a breath and let it out slowly.

“It was your son, Timothy.”

Tessa stopped crying and stared at Konan. Hank shook his head and muttered, “I knew it. I freaking knew it.”

“Timothy killed Ana,” Tessa asked. “Is this some kind of sick joke?”

“No,” Lilly said. “He vehemently admitted to killing her. He was…angry.”

“What could he be angry about that would make him kill his sister,” Tessa yelled. “Why would he kill her?”

Hank fell to his knees and sobbed loudly. Konan looked out the window and shook his head. Lilly moved close to Tessa and took her in her arms. Hank looked at Konan, his tears streamed down his face.

“Why? Why did he do it?”

“Because, he was no longer an only child. The money that should have gone to his college wasn’t there anymore. Peer pressure, expectations, God only knows what triggered him to commit this heinous action.”

“He killed my baby over money? What kind of animal…”

“Is there anyone we can call to come over to comfort you and Tessa,” Konan asked. Hank shook his head no.

“Thank you, but no. We will get dressed and go to our church. Our pastor will pray with us. Thank you for finding Ana’s killer.”

“I’m sorry that it ended this way.”

Lilly came back to her seat next to Konan and wiped her eyes. Notifying the kin, especially in cases such as this, was one of the hardest parts of their job. “Your humanity is tested when one child kills another. Your faith is trampled, and you feel as if you have nowhere to turn. God bless these poor people,” Lilly thought.

Hank walked them to the door. Konan and Lilly departed for the station. Their job was done. Ana Marie’s case was closed.

A new case would be along before they knew it.

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