NANOWRIMO PREP…What am I going to write?

Pardon me, I am sitting on the couch betwixt three pups. I pass out snacks, and now it’s snuggle time. As I rub bellies and play growl with my sweet friends, my mind is pacing the halls. “What am I doing? NANOWRIMO will be here here before I know it! PREP IDIOT!”

So, here I am. Still half-asleep trying to formulate a plan of not only a new writing, but one of science fiction. That’s right. I’ve enjoyed the murder mystery genre immensely, but now I want to stretch those wings a bit and try something new.

I am on the verge of picking Rhianna’s Chalice. After a quick search of Google, well, Duckduckgo, popular posts says you need three things in it to be sci-fi. So far, I have two of those elements. I need one more.

Thus, the importance of prep. November will be here before I know it. So, I hope to see you guys there. Writing is more fun when others are on the journey with you. That’s your invitation. ‘Come on the journey with me!’

Take care,


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