NANOWRIMO PREP…What am I going to write?

Pardon me, I am sitting on the couch betwixt three pups. I pass out snacks, and now it’s snuggle time. As I rub bellies and play growl with my sweet friends, my mind is pacing the halls. “What am I doing? NANOWRIMO will be here here before I know it! PREP IDIOT!”

So, here I am. Still half-asleep trying to formulate a plan of not only a new writing, but one of science fiction. That’s right. I’ve enjoyed the murder mystery genre immensely, but now I want to stretch those wings a bit and try something new.

I am on the verge of picking Rhianna’s Chalice. After a quick search of Google, well, Duckduckgo, popular posts says you need three things in it to be sci-fi. So far, I have two of those elements. I need one more.

Thus, the importance of prep. November will be here before I know it. So, I hope to see you guys there. Writing is more fun when others are on the journey with you. That’s your invitation. ‘Come on the journey with me!’

Take care,


Published by frontporchmusings694846020

I am a good ole country boy residing in North Mississippi. I love to read, fish, hunt, hike and go to garage sales. Flea markets are a passion of mine. I read anything, but some of my favorites are: Dean Koontz, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, Shakespeare, and I possess a fondness for the writings of William Faulkner and Mark Twain. If I am forced to choose, I prefer baseball to football. I enjoy Alabama football (Roll Tide)! My baseball teams include: The Colorado Rockies and Boston Red Sox. I am divorced, the father of two daughters and live by myself with Chunk and Roscoe (my dogs).

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