Aftermath…new writing, unedited, incomplete…

Loxie Brown sat at the table. He smirked when Konan and Lilly walked into the room. His lawyer, Tessa Ransom sat beside him. Tessa was a public defender not long graduated from Ole Miss. She did not appear to be comfortable around her client.

“Times, they are a-changing,” Loxie said as the detectives sat at the table. Lilly forced a smile, Konan ignored him. Instead of focusing on Loxie, he focused on Tessa. She was much prettier than the morbidly obese Loxie. His face was round. Not in a regular circular shape, his fat had fat. His forehead, eyes, lips, jaws, everything was bulbous. The rest of him suffered from the same thing. From the top of his head to his feet, nothing was spared.

“Dang son,” Konan thought, “you look like Pizza The Hutt from Spaceballs.”

“Exactly how are the times changing,” Lilly asked. Loxie Brown laughed. Konan cringed. Even his laughter sounded obese.

“The modern world has evolved. Nothing is wrong anymore. Even murder is justified nowadays.”

“I see where he’s going,” Konan said. Lilly looked at him and raised her eyebrows. “What this kiddie rapist is saying is simply this: If murder isn’t ‘wrong’, then raping children isn’t either. That about sum it up, sugar britches?”

Tessa cleared her throat. Konan looked at her, and Tessa met his eyes. “Detective, you can’t call my client a kiddie rapist.”

“Oh yeah? Where is it written that I have to be nice to this oxygen thief?”

Lilly put her hand on Konan’s. She smiled at Tessa and shook her head.

“Please pardon my partner. He’s passionate about finding a clue concerning our case.”

Loxie shifted in his seat and leaned forward. Lilly forced another smile and waited.

“I’ll talk to you then, detective. What case are you and your, um, fellow detective working on?”

“You heard about the child that was found in a sack out by the highway?”

“Oh yes, that was a horrible tragedy.”

“Yeah. Well, your cellmate Norm was a suspect, but…he’s dead now. We were wondering if you knew of any of his friends on the outside. Or if you knew someone who we could touch base with concerning his “friends.”

Loxie leaned back and rubbed his tummy. Tessa rolled her eyes, while Konan tried to keep from vomiting from the sight.

“We didn’t talk much about his friends. I could give it some thought and give you a call though if I remember anything though.”

“Oh, I’m sure you would,” Konan said. Tessa looked at him, her eyes flashed a warning sign to not remark about her client’s weight or shape. He smiled at her. “Don’t you hate representing kiddie rapists? Pedophiles? Doesn’t that get under your skin? Do you have kids?”

“Enough,” Tessa shouted. “What I like or don’t like has nothing to do with why we are here. Either focus on the task at hand, or I’m shutting down this interview. If you utter one more word about my client’s weight, shape, or make any sarcastic remark, this interview is over. Do you understand, Detective Konan?”

“Absolutely.” He looked at Lilly and raised his eyebrows as if to say, “what did I do?” “Take it away partner. I’m going to sit here quietly like a good little boy.” Loxie licked his fat lips and grinned at Konan. Konan ignored him.

“So, you don’t know anything that could help us,” Lilly asked. Loxie shook his head no.

“I’m afraid not. We talked about food, and snacks. About our favorite TV shows, that kind of thing. My favorite TV show is ‘Friends.’ His was the A-Team.”

“Okay. Well, if you think of anything…”

“I’ll be sure to call YOU. Your partner is a jerk.”

“Thanks for your time.”

Konan stood up and walked out of the room, leaving Lilly there to shake hands with Tessa. He walked down to his desk and opened his laptop. He pulled up the number for Judge Patty Traylor and dialed her office number. The call was answered on the third ring.

“Judge Traylor’s office, this is Lindsey speaking. How can I help you today?”

“Hi, Lindsey. This is Detective Thermopolis Konan. I need to ask you a few questions. What time do you close?”

“Okay. We close in like fifteen minutes. Would you like to come in tomorrow?”

“Sure. What’s a good time for you?”

“Is 0900 good for you, detective?”

“Sure, sounds great. Thank you for your time.”’

“You’re welcome.”

Konan hung up the phone and saw Lilly enter the Murder Room. She was biting on her lip. When she saw Konan watching her, she scrunched up her nose at him. Lilly fell into her seat and wheeled it over to where he was.

“Did you get anything out of Loxie,” Konan asked.

“Nope. He was tight-lipped about everything. You royally ticked off his lawyer though. She kept going on and on about how unprofessional you are.”

Konan feigned a heart attack and fell back against his seat. “Oh my Lord, how will I ever recover from such a devastating blow?” Lilly giggled.

“I saw you on the phone. Who’d you call?”

“I called Judge Patty Traylor’s office. We have to be there at 0900.”

“You think she knows something about the case?”

“Nope. I think I want to see if there is a connection between her decisions and our two pedophiles. If there is a connection, and I think there might be, we may find something to work with.”

“So, you think she sentenced Norm and Loxie. She presided over both cases?”

“We’ll see tomorrow. I think it might be worse than that.”

“How do you think it could be worse?”

Konan rummaged around in his desk until he found his coffee cup. On the side were the words: I hate everything but dogs, coffee and donuts. He pulled out a rag and wiped out the cup.

“I think she might have targeted pedophiles after the rape of her son.”

“Where did you come up with that theory? We have nothing to support it!”

“I know, that’s why I told only you. As far as where I got the theory, I am just spitballin’. I’m throwing poop against the wall to see what sticks.”

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