Aftermath…new writing, unedited and incomplete…the story continues…

They finished their meal in silence. “Dang it, I let the cat out of the bag,” Lilly chided herself. “Did you kill him? What was I thinking? Why did I ask that crap?” Konan drained his sweet tea and waved Paddy over. He handed him his credit card and waited for his receipt.

“Look Konan, about…”

“It’s all good, Lilly. You don’t need to say anything.”

“I was wrong.”

“No you weren’t. If I was in your position, I would have done the same thing.”

“No you wouldn’t. If I had killed Blankenship, you would have helped hide the body.”

Konan shrugged and took his receipt from the waitress. She gave him a small smile and a wink. He winked back.

“That’s what friends do, Lilly.”

Lilly slid out of the booth first, Konan followed her. He stretched and cracked his neck. It burned him up that Lilly threw Blankenship in his face when he mentioned Davi Simmons. “I killed Blankenship because he ambushed two detectives. He killed indiscriminatingly. He was a danger to the public.”

According to the record kept by the State of Mississippi, Davi Simmons had been in and out of jail from eighteen until his death at the ripe age of 36. A career criminal, he never hit his stride until he joined a white supremacy gang in prison. The Brotherhood was highly organized and demanded total loyalty. Members took out The Brotherhood’s competition. Davi’s task was the elimination of Norm Wicker. It had nothing to do with competition, it had to do with Norm’s fondness of kids.

Luckily, Davi Simmons was still a member of Parchman Prison. Lilly and Konan walked out of O’Shea’s and headed for the car. Lilly was quiet. “How are we to rebuild the trust between us,” she wondered quietly.

Konan drove them to the park. He got out and walked to their picnic table. The moon was full, the soft moonlight shimmered on the waves. A barge floated down the river pushing it’s freight through the quiet night air. Lilly joined him on the table.

“Before we go any further Lilly, I would like to explain something to you.” Lilly nodded and remained quiet. She watched the barge and waited.

“After Blankenship ambushed Rankin and Manson, I knew he would not allow us to arrest him. He threatened to kill you. I couldn’t let that slide. If he had walked away, he would return and wreak more havoc. So, I killed him.”

Lilly said nothing. She continued to watch the water.

“If you have decided to hate me, I understand. You’re a good woman. I should have told you, but we have another case. I would like for us to be able to work together. Tell me what would rebuild the trust you had in me before Blankenship’s death.”

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