The ending of The Rainy Ripper…unedited but complete…

Michael nodded and gave Konan a thumbs up. He hadn’t expected Michael to be concerned about the outcome of the impending showdown between Konan and Blankenship. Konan hadn’t expected Tia to be understanding.

He glanced at his watch; it was 0300. Konan walked out and climbed aboard his truck and sped across town. Down the road a piece from his house, there was a pull off where he stowed his vehicle. Konan grabbed his gear and made his way down the ravine.

With only the moonlight for illumination, he crept through the darkness. The chemical factory was built in such a way that only one side of it would work as a parking lot. “If Michael is correct, Big B would have to come in through here.” Tactically speaking, the chemical factory was a death trap. There was one way in and one way out.

There was more than enough time to call the police and set up a perimeter. Konan mentally chided himself for his thought. “Big B would call him as soon as she saw the cops. He would slip out and vanish for good.” He couldn’t risk it. Blankenship had brought these consequences upon himself. “He should have left when he had the chance.”

Konan took a position beside a tall oak tree. He was concealed from view. His nest provided him multiple angles with which to engage multiple targets. If he was lucky, there would only be two targets. If he wasn’t lucky, he’d have to hope he hadn’t bit off more than he could chew.

The darkness slowly dissipated and gave way to daybreak. To Konan’s disbelief, Blankenship sat on the steps leading into the factory eating a MRE. Konan peeked through his scope and gave a small smile. Blankenship ate the Grilled Chicken and Minestrone soup meal. “Of course, he is,” Konan thought, “it came with M&M’s or Skittles, plush Jalapeno Cheese.”

Konan aimed his crosshairs at Blankenship’s head and took a deep breath. He touched the trigger and prepared to squeeze. At the last moment, Blankenship turned his head. Konan took his finger off the trigger. A vehicle turned the corner.

Big B had arrived.

She stopped the car and got out. Blankenship tossed his container on the ground and hugged his mother. Konan aimed at Big B’s neck and pulled the trigger. At 300 meters, the round entered Big B’s spinal cord and tore through her lungs. Konan fired a second round that hit Blankenship in the throat. He collapsed to the ground, his hands on his wound. Konan moved along the ditch and came out behind the mother and her son.

Big B’s eyes were lifeless. She stared unblinking at Konan as he walked a half circle around her son. Blankenship’s eyes were wet with tears. He kept trying to whisper ‘momma.’ Konan pulled his sidearm and shot Blankenship twice in the head.

There was only silence left.

Konan sat on the steps where only moment’s ago Blankenship had sat. He pulled out his phone and dialed Lilly. She would be angry with Konan, but he hoped of all the people involved, that she would understand.

He whispered a few words and hung up the phone. Sirens broke the silence moments later. Konan wiped at the sweat that soaked his face and looked up.

It looked another hot day down south.

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