The Rainy Ripper…new writing, unedited, incomplete…

“Easy for her to say,” Konan thought. “Her dad isn’t the most ruthless and power mad human in our state, perhaps even in the history of evil humans.”

The silence in the vehicle became tense, so Konan kept his thoughts to himself. Lilly stayed quiet the remainder of the trip. He dropped her off at her apartment and drove home. 

He parked close to his house and took the few steps to the door. Konan was tired. All these years he had been a cop and never had his father reached out to him. “It wouldn’t have mattered anyhow. I would’ve slapped it away.” Now, he had to deal with his father. Paddy, for all reasons unbeknownst to Konan, was a decent human. Sure, the doctor had disappeared, and Paddy never put the nasty rumor to rest, but he was good to Konan. 

“Still, I’ve tried to avoid dealing with my family issues and focused on my career. Now, it’s all for naught.” Konan set his alarm for 0500 and stretched out on the couch. Tom and Jerry were on, but Konan quickly lost interest. 

Sleep would not come. He tossed and turned all night, but nothing came of it. Finally, he got up and took a hot shower and laid back down. It still did not work. Frustrated by his lack of sleep and the penetration of his defenses, he went to his library.

During a rough patch in his early life, Konan had gone to therapy. Dr. Joy Beard had told him to write out his feelings on paper. He filled volumes of notebooks with the emotions that he couldn’t face.  At 0200, Konan sat down at his desk and began to write.

I hate it. What is it, you may ask? It is being forced to deal with my father. It is being unable to deal with my heart and its desires. It is a gigantic cluster, and I am powerless to stop it. It’s 0230 in the morning, why aren’t I asleep? Because I’m an idiot. My father is a criminal, and not a nice person. However, I don’t think the law can stop Blankenship. I don’t think that Chief Mathers would let it stop him.

My partner, God bless her heart, she would sign up to bring the law to the most uncivilized people. She has a good heart, but I don’t think she would do what is necessary. Blankenship is evil. He was evil in the service, and he is now unleashed upon our society. There is only one way to deal with men like him and me, put the gun to our heads and pull the trigger.”

Konan took a deep breath and read what he had written. It was true. Blankenship would kill everyone the police sent to arrest him, before he allowed himself to be arrested. Men like Blankenship would not go for a ‘suicide-by-cop’ routine. “He would hide out in a sniper’s nest and wound the first five or six, and then kill those who tried to rescue their friends.” Knowing what it would take to stop him was no comfort. He needed sleep. 

He saved his writing and powered down his computer. “I guess I will have a cup of coffee,” he thought. When he walked into the kitchen, a shadow moved in his living room. Konan turned to face it. It was Blankenship. 

“Morning,” he said to Konan.


“What are you doing up, Konan?”

“I couldn’t sleep. I’m about to make a cup of coffee, you want some?”


Konan shoved the Community Café Especial K-cup into his machine and brewed the first cup. He placed it on the bar and put the sugar and cream next to it. Blankenship took a spoon from the dishrack and fixed his coffee. Konan made another cup. When it finished, he spooned in his sugar and sat in his recliner.

“What are you doing up,” Konan asked.

Blankenship smiled a toothy smile. There was no humor in his smile. Light never entered his eyes. 

“Working,” he said. “I understand you had a meeting with General Chase LaMont yesterday.”

“I did.”

Blankenship drank some of his coffee and chuckled. He stared at Konan.

“You were always hardheaded. How is the good General?”

“He seemed to fancy himself a ladies’ man,” Konan said.

Blankenship laughed. “Yeah, he always seemed to be in heat.”

Konan scoffed and muttered ‘yeah’. He returned Blankenship’s gaze. 

“Why are you here?”

“Do you know what the worst part of being a killer for hire is, Konan?”

“No, I don’t know. What is the worst part?”

“Being alone. You can’t have friends, a lover, anything. It’s you against the world. That’s the worst part.”

“Yeah,” Konan said after he sipped his coffee, “that would suck. I thought maybe you would let me arrest you.”

“Not today. I do need a favor though.” Konan raised his eyebrows, his mouth twisted into a sardonic grin. 

“Really? Why would I do you any favors?”

“Because if you do one for me, I won’t kill your partner.”

“You might want to be careful…”

Blankenship smiled his toothy smile and nodded. His eyes shined with malice. Konan’s eyes reflected the same. 

“Do my favor, and you keep your partner. I know you’re a dangerous man, Konan. I was with you when, let’s call it ‘the incident’, occurred.”

“What do you want?”

“If my mother should show up here in Fredericksburg, I want you to help her. It’s very simple. I may not walk away from this job. If I don’t, I want my mother to have someone she can trust.”


“Her name is Beth, people call her Big B. We may hate one another, Konan, but I trust you.”

“Get out of my house. Don’t ever threaten my partner again.”

“Understood. Thanks for the coffee.”

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