The Rainy Ripper…new writing…unedited and incomplete…

Lilly stared at Konan and shook her head. “Why would Tia associate herself with the likes of Khalid,” she thought. 

“Why would she hang with people like Khalid,” Konan asked Lilly.

“I don’t know,” Lilly sighed in exasperation. “Khalid has appeared on our scope for numerous activities, but there was never enough proof to hang him with it. Tia knows all this.”

“Clearly, she doesn’t care.”

“I’d be careful, Konan. She’s already headhunting you.”

“Yeah, that’s why you’re going to talk to her.”

“Oh no…no, no…you’re not putting that on me.”

“Fine, I’ll do it. I hope you’re ready to break in a new partner, because Tia will crucify me in the squad room.”

Lilly crossed her arms and stared out the passenger side window. The silence between both grew. Konan pulled into the garage and shut off the car. 

“Check your email, Konan. I will talk to Tia.”

“You don’t have to. I can do it.”

“No. She won’t expect to get coldcocked by me. Get us a name.”


They walked into the squad room together. Konan sat at his computer and opened his email, Lilly knocked on Tia’s door. Tia waved her on in. Lilly shut the door.

Konan found two messages in his email, one from the Defense Department, the other from his former commander, Wills Wilson.  He opened the DD’s first.  It was the enlistment record of William Blankenship. According to his record, he still served in the military. There was no date of discharge. Konan picked up his phone and dialed personnel records directly.

“Records, this is Gabe.”

“Hi, Gabe. This is Detective Thermopolis Konan. I have a quick question.”


“The record I am looking at has no date of discharge…”

“They currently are serving in the military then.”

“Ok, there’s also no sign of him being assigned to any post.”


“What do you mean ok? All military personnel are assigned somewhere.”

“Apparently not the person you’re interested in.”

“Let me speak to your supervisor.”

“They’re not in.”

Konan hung up the phone. “Typical governmental bullcrap,” Konan fumed under his breath. “God, I hate those idiots.” He opened his second email. He smiled fondly as he thought of Wills. He began to read:

“Hey, bud. It’s Wills. I heard through the grapevine that you are looking for Staff Sergeant Blankenship. Dude, he’s a bad egg. Whatever you are investigating, let it slide, brother. 

I hope things are looking up for you, brother. You won’t quit investigating. I know this. You’re too hardheaded to heed my advice, but I felt better putting it in there.”

Konan paused and stretched his arms over his head. ‘Why would Wills warn me off?” He continued reading.

Blankenship is still in, but he is an operator. He has taken on the worst assignments and killed a boatload of people. Rumor is he is a political ‘problem solver.’ Meaning, he kills the fools that would dare cross any politician, regardless of party, race, creed or any other crap. He is a stone-cold killer. 

Brother, I know you swore to uphold the law, BUT if you must tango with Blankenship, screw the law. Shoot him and continue to shoot until you’ve ran out of bullets. He won’t go easy. 

Take it easy, amigo. If you’re ever down Mexico way, swing by and we’ll catch up. Talk later.”

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