Brothers…new writing, unedited, incomplete…

Abby Windsor, mayor of Monolith Springs, glared at the woman sitting across from her. Her companion, Judith Blue, was one of the state’s elected representatives. Judith stared calmly at the scowling mayor.

“What do you mean there is to be a cease of our operations? We, that is you and I, have planned this operation with the kind of people who will not here this. You know the consequences of not following through.”

Judith shrugged. “Fine. You carry out the operation, I’m done. Give my regards to Carlos and his family. I am washing my hands of it.”

“I’ll look for you in the obituaries.”

Judith got up and left. The mood had soured between the two women. Once upon a time, both women had been close friends. Now, they should consider each other rivals. Abby stood and smoothed her pantsuit. She walked to the mirror and checked her appearance. “As beautiful as always.” Of course, all the beauty in the world can’t disguise an ugly heart.

Across town, Warren drove to his and Jacob’s favorite restaurant, Sparky’s Pub. The bartender was behind the counter, his name was Wayne-something-another. He had the kind of face like an actor that you’ve seen something a thousand times, but you can’t remember his name.  He gave Warren a nod. The hostess met him and led him to the corner table.

His waitress, a cute blonde named Linda, walked up.

“What can I getcha, darling?”

“What’s the special?”

“Hamburger steak with onions, mashed potatoes and giblet gravy, and green beans.”

“Sounds good. I’ll take water to drink.”

“Sure thing, doll.”

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