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Good afternoon. Or morning. Whichever.

This is a bit different from my imaginings.  This is based off my experience at the VA two days ago.  To start, I will confess that I attend therapy. 

It’s not because I am psychotic, but rather, because I tend to rage at times. According to my doctor, rage is a viable outlet if I don’t hurt myself or someone else. 

So, I’m good. 

Last month was bitter. My dad and grandmother both passed away one year ago last month. To boot, President Joe Biden withdrew troops from Afghanistan. It took the Taliban less than two weeks to recover the territory we fought for. 

I was livid, and I raged a lot. 

Why did I rage? Well, first off, because what we fought for was not our freedom, but for the families that the Taliban oppressed, and for the lost lives of 9/11. Many people went back to Afghanistan to free their country. Locals joined up with us. They reported enemy movements, numbers, and served as interpreters. 

Just for clarification, I lumped Iraq into this post. 

When I read the news about the troops leaving, I felt betrayed. It was like our sacrifice meant nothing. People died to protect this fledgling democracy. ‘Yeah, sucks to be you,” seemed to be the attitude of the political elite.

Another point of clarification, I blame both parties and the ‘independents’ for the war. NONE OF THEM ARE INNOCENT.

It doesn’t suck to be me, I’m retired. I live in America (what’s left of it). However, it does suck to be a local who helped our troops. God only knows what the Taliban did to those who tried to right the ship.

My problem with the hasty withdrawal is that many Afghans bought the pipe dream of a future with no Taliban presence. They fought for a government that would stand up to the insurgency. Now, they’ve got nothing. Twenty years of bloodshed, ruined lives, destroyed homes, all gone because of political stupidity.

Furthermore, how many people came home without a limb or limbs? How many can’t face what they’ve done? PTSD is a given. How many suicides will occur because all they’ve known is warfare?

If I felt betrayed by my government, what do you think the Afghans felt?

In war it’s not only the adults who are caught in bad situations. Often, children are hurt too. I don’t want to go there. Just know that sometimes the wrong people pay for our actions. 

The years have toned down my zeal. I was a gung-ho soldier. I couldn’t wait to test myself in the fires of combat. In retrospect, I would give anything to unsee the things I saw, to undo the things I’ve done. However, because I’ve seen and done unimaginable things, I understand the cost of freedom. 

Because so few have seen and done those things, I watch as the young and spoiled ruin my country. 

Freedom is not free. It is bought and paid for in blood, sweat, tears, in the cries of the innocent, and in the moan of the dead and dying. 

We should never take it for granted.

This not meant to be a sermon, nor is it an exercise where I pound my chest and scream, ‘look at me.’ If it is meant as anything, it is to purge the darkness in my heart. Consider it an exercise to break down some of the walls I’ve built to protect myself from my past. 

The political elite, the term elite is meant sarcastically, have no issue sending the youth of this nation into battle. They waste no time starting wars. Why would they? They’re not going to fight it. Their children are never in any danger of being battle scarred or tested. 

Feminists have cried for years that they wanted into the infantry and other combat arms specialties. President Joe Biden and the idiots in Congress have made that dream a reality. Women are now made to sign up for the draft. 

Welcome, ladies. Congratulations on your entry into the horror show of human depravity. Don’t worry. You’ll receive a front-line view of the worst human nature has to offer. If you feel overwhelmed remember this: ‘Suck it up cupcake, you asked to be here.’

Maybe not. 

Between General Milley, Major General Donahue, and a handful of ‘woke’ leadership scattered throughout the military, unless the next war is fought on Twitter, you have nothing to fear.

The days of preparing to close with the enemy are over. Now, it’s time to learn about ‘important things,’ like ‘white rage,’ ‘racism,’ and the tactical advantages of ponytails and beards.

Military might has always walked hand in hand with peace. Our enemies never thought about screwing with us because they knew what would happen. Those put into power have forgotten the mantra, ‘peace through force.’ Can you imagine if Reagan had confronted Gorbachev with a weak military?

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

“Or suffer what consequence,” Gorbachev would have said.

The difference is clear. A strong military is the best foreign policy. The results are evident. Furthermore, the results are also evident when there are weak people elected to head this country. If you don’t believe me, turn on your television. Read the newspaper. You’ll see that I am telling the truth.

This Administration can’t secure the border. How will they ever protect us from someone with truly bad intentions?

Here’s the short answer, they won’t.

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