Neil Gaiman’s sonnet and a few thoughts about love…

I read a sonnet by Neil Gaiman, author of Stardust, American Gods, and other works. He wrote of love and his perspective. Or perhaps, it was a faux perspective. 

Either way, I found myself relating to his words. To paraphrase the ending: “I don’t know what ‘I love you’ means,”

“I think it means, ‘don’t leave me here alone.”

Truly profound. It got me thinking about ‘love’ this morning. As I have written so many times, me and love are not friends. We have this hate-hate relationship. 

I hate to see love come, and then when I get adjusted to it, I hate to see it go.

Still, it takes a lot of heart to write such a beautiful sonnet about something we humans barely understand. I thought of God’s love this morning. I would imagine that ‘love’ was meant to be what God’s love is. 

Pure perfection. 

I know.  That standard is impossible to attain. The elephant is still in the room though. Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to attain it. 

Or at least that’s how my brain views it. 

Of course, I am writing this on one cup of coffee. Love is far too complex of a subject to tackle when you’re not fully caffeinated. Either way, if you’re interested in reading the sonnet, I shared it to my Facebook account. You can also find it on Pinterest. 

It’s 0530, and I wish you all a good day. 

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