Town Killer…new writing, incomplete and unedited…

The Town-Killer Incident happened on a night like every other night. At least, that’s what the survivors had said. 

Everyone around these parts thought a nuclear reactor would bring cutting edge jobs into the community. Grocery stores were built, promises were made, and the cost of living went up in the small town of Fredericksburg. 

Few in the town thought of the downside of having a nuclear plant within the city limits. Hanson Greene was one of the few who saw the downside. 

Hanson was no spring chicken, but he knew that if one was to see the big picture, they must look at both sides. At 48, he had walked the metaphorical block a time or two. After serving twenty years in the military as a Hazmat specialist, he knew a thing or two about hazardous material. 

Hanson had formed a group of people who wanted nothing to do with the nuclear reactor and the promise of ‘growth.’ All Mayor Ted Winger and his Aldermen saw was money. The Board of Supervisors were no better. ‘You have to spend money to make money,’ they cried too everyone who would listen. 

They spent money. Cash was dumped into the schools, grocery stores, car dealerships, whatever they thought would influence Reid Nuclear Energy to invest in their town. 

March 25,1997:

Tia Walker, Macy Winters, and Travis Franks arrived at Fredericksburg to finalize the plans for the construction of the nuclear power plant. Mayor Ted Winger met them at the site. 

He stepped from the Suburban and smiled his best politician smile.

“Good morning. It’s a glorious morning here in Dixie.”

“If you say so, Mayor,” Travis Franks said. Tia and Macy swatted at the mosquitoes that buzzed about their heads. 

“I can’t wait to get out of this dump,” Tia said quietly. Macy nodded in agreement. “Me neither,” she whispered.  It was hot and humid at 0800.  The Mississippi summer was brutal on everybody.  

“So, Mayor Winger this reactor will operate independently and produce 1 gigawatt of power,” Macy Winters said. Mayor Ted nodded his head eagerly.

“Exactly how much power is that?”

Macy forced a smile. “Well, if you had Corvette ZO6 engine, you would need 2,000 to generate 1 gigawatt of electricity. Or 100 million LED light bulbs.  Suffice to say it generates a lot of electricity.”

“Well, this community is glad to have you and the reactor.  We are excited to welcome you. When is the ground breaking ceremony?”

“Soon. We have a few things to clear up on our end, and then we will get started.”

Mayor Ted nodded and rubbed his hands together.  Things were coming together for the small town.  He had promised to change the fortunes of those in the town during his campaign, and here he was on the cusp of greatness.

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