A few thoughts about the characters of A Hot Day Down South…

I have written an ending for A Hot Day Down South. I reached 25,000 words, which is roughly half of a manuscript. After four years of writing, I have finished a project. The emphasis is to only show that it’s done in its current form. 

I need some time away from it for it to simmer. It’s time to move on to a new project, but I have learned so much by finishing this one. 

Writing has become a way for me to explore the darkness found in humanity’s heart. It is a way to explore the various avenues of love, kindness, and humor. A Hot Day Down South is the first project where it didn’t feel as if I had labored to write it.

The story just flowed, and I went with the current. It never felt like labor, it felt like love. Like the story was waiting for me to tell it. 

Thermopolis Konan was a combination of fictional characters that I have admired throughout the years. He exhibited traits that I may or may not have. His fierce loyalty to his friends is something that is missing in the world today. 

I enjoyed creating him. As is usual with my brain, I never really fleshed him out. Part of it was because I was lazy, I suppose, but the other part was so the reader could do some of the work. I have always enjoyed allowing my brain to add the details when I read. 

Kathy and Ashley are fictional characters that I created, neither are based off carbon life forms that I know personally. Of the two, I liked both. Kathy reminded me of the flirtatious women I have noticed from afar. Ashley reminded me of the ‘down home girls’ that I have been friends with my whole life. 

Both have strengths and characteristics that would make a great life partner. 

Tomas was based off a person who bullied me when I was younger. As I wrote him, I was reminded of  my formative years. He’s the kind of guy that tries really hard and struggles with his nature. 

Janko was based off a boss I had at one of my many jobs. It’s all about him, and how high he could rise. It never mattered how he got to the top, as long as he got to the top.

Ah, Judith. What can I say? She is a mixture of emotions that I have struggled with through the years. Rejection, love, anger, bitterness and so many more. 

Wiggins is a combination of the things that I can’t stand as a person. Enough said.

Mayor Smith, he is a bad man. When I started out writing, I pegged him as the antagonist. I let my mom read what I had written so far, and she knew immediately who the bad guy was. 

I was so disappointed. So, I decided to use Smith as a decoy to throw people off the track.      

Pop-Pop is a combination of people I knew growing up. Barefooted rednecks who have a heart of gold and are incapable of saying no. 

I’ve had loads of fun writing this story. After some time away, I will begin the re-writing process to flesh it out and give it some shine.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading my stories. I’m glad you joined me for the telling of A Hot Day Down South.


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